Keep it Fresh in the Dog Days of Summer

We didn't plan this. How could we? A year's worth of tweets and two on dogs make it into June's Top 10. We're sensing (just maybe…) that something deeper is at play. And while the metaphors (and puns) abound (Don't join the pack; Follow your nose), we'd suggest that the customer experience lessons in an issue full of dogs and big thinking are pretty clear.

Whether innovation, big data, or social, you need to know where you're going if you're going to have a chance of getting there. If you can just get your mind off food for a minute, we think you'll enjoy this month's tweets! Chow down…

1.) Customer Retention: Why Your Dog Would Make More Money Than You
Analogies about customer loyalty…and puppies! Lessons in email outreach…showcasing fuzzy muzzles! Customer retention stats…juxtaposed with beagle butts! Yes we’re sending you to what’s ultimately an ad, but the fact that it ended up at #1 isn’t lost on anyone who loves dogs…and could use some useful info about staying out in front of customers and customizing to their needs and desires. (Tweet Score: 179)

2.) This Is What Happens When You Give A Creative Community An Empty 14,000-Square-Foot Building
“Business meets Burning Man” is one way to describe this month-long “only in San Francisco” experiment. But what if spaces like this—where artists, free-thinkers, and corporate America could experience the benefits and symbiosis of grassroots innovation—existed outside of SF and less ephemerally? (Tweet Score: 136)

3.) Touchpoint Insights | The Dogfood Diet: Three Easy Steps to a Leaner Customer Experience
Walked in your customers’ shoes lately? Have you tried to achieve their goals using your product or service? Do you know what your employees experience down in the trenches: the annoyances they have to put up for on a daily basis, and better yet, their simple fixes for them? Get out the can opener and pull up a dog bowl: it’s time for a dose of your own product. (Tweet Score: 121)

4.) Touchpoint Insights | Secrets of Delivering Kick-Ass Customer Experience for Low-Cost Leaders
Bait & Switch versus Simple, Automated, & Error Free: Hmm, let’s see those choices again. Cheap & inconvenient, versus cheap & smart. There are plenty of low-cost-leaders with strong brands, deep loyalty, and raving fans, so don’t think you’ll get away with giving “cheap” as an excuse for crappy. (Tweet Score: 112)

5.) CMOs: Build Digital Relationships or Die
Disruptions in service? Bad. Disruptions to your digital customer experience? In all likelihood that’s not only good, it’s long overdue. Get busy building that digital bridge, and your brand…and customers…will thank you. A post that gets to the heart of what every reluctant CMO should be thinking about. (Tweet Score: 105)

6.) Touchpoint Insights | The Queen of Tech Trends Sees Big Things for Social Sharing
Don’t know what a zettabyte is? Don’t feel bad, before this, neither did we. But with 500 million photos shared online every day, and 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, measuring in trillions of gigabytes makes obvious sense. This post is chock full of great links and a substantive slideshow from the doyenne of internet trend tracking and prediction. (Tweet Score: 89)

7.) Get out of your own way and clear the path for more innovation...
I’d bet good money that most organizations see themselves clearly mirrored in Ashkenas’ innovation barrier list. It’s not a failing, it’s just the way it is. But if even a fraction of our readers could take the time to undergo his exercise, we could go on summer vacation happy campers. Take the challenge! And report back on the results. (Tweet Score: 73)

8.) Banking on customer experience management in a low-touch digital environment...
A glimpse into an ideal scenario for how a bank could enhance customer experience by connecting the dots and using its data for the benefit of its customers. (Creepy when we think about our customer data trails, but we’re the ones handing permissions out left and right, after all…) (Tweet Score: 72)

9.) Reading: "A new path to growth: How to stay a step ahead of changing consumer behavior"
Meaty Accenture case study with good food for thought. See disruption as an opportunity (ring a bell?), position yourself to bridge gaps, and if you can’t start a trend, by all means be agile about spotting and following them early. (Tweet Score: 71)

10.) Digital Analytics Starts Here and Goes Everywhere
After all the exhortations to open up, disrupt, think big, and connect the dots, this is a good, grounded post to end on. Because, as this post posits, “analytics are worthless without goals.” So whether you’re a game changer or just doing the best you can, remember: to serve up a good customer experience you have to: segment, know what you want to accomplish, think in micro-conversions, and look at digital channels holistically. (Tweet Score: 71)

Digital disruption for fun and profit: The heart of modern customer experience.

Simple, automated, and error free. Tweet No. 4 – from a blog post we wrote last month – gets at the possibilities of digital in experience strategy for low cost leaders, using Spirit Airlines as an unwilling case study.

But as the Director of Optimization at a mid-size credit union said to me today – digital competence is table stakes for any organization in this day and age. Amen.

Your customers aren't waiting around for you to figure this part out. The beauty is that by cracking the "digital experience nut", not only will your customers be thrilled, but you (and your executives) will be as well.

Why? Because digital done right will also drive lower costs to service, better data collection, and the ultimate ability to serve each customer in a more personalized manner.

Do that more effectively than your competition, and you're a winner. Questions? Give us a call - 415-526-2655. We'll always have an (informed) opinion…