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Mapping customer, employee and buyer journeys—and the processes, systems and capabilities that support them—since 2002.

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Journey Mapping Works, When Done Right

Harness journey mapping for insights and plans that meets the needs of your stakeholders at every phase of their relationship with you. 

While one of the most widely used tools for understanding customers and employees and improving their experiences, journey maps only work when built in ways that cross organizational silos and drive action.

McorpCX has built hundreds of journey maps for dozens (upon dozens) of organizations, each with a clear goal in mind: How do we boost business performance through a better understanding of the customer journey? 

Mapping out a customer journey doesn’t have to be complex—sometimes a couple of ‘whiteboard and work’ sessions give a team what they need to pluck the low-hanging fruit to markedly improve interactions. McorpCX helps teams work quickly, efficiently and effectively with these engagements.

Other times the challenge is bigger. Maybe the easy fixes have been addressed, the journeys are dense, the audiences varied, the silos too plentiful and fortressed. This is when a partner like McorpCX can help you untangle your journeys and develop plans of action for repair.  Take a look inside a Customer Journey Workshop to see if it’s for you.

Customer Journey Mapping
Re-imagine your customer journeys with thoughtful, focused, outside-in maps that reveal gaps and opportunities.

Employee Journey Mapping
Drive engagement, boost loyalty and improve the systems and tools that make employees more satisfied and productive.

Buyer Journey Mapping
Linking buyer and seller experience in a journey map helps optimize B2B marketing and sales operations and productivity.

Ecosystem and Capabilities Mapping
Gain cross-functional views of the technology, systems and data that deliver customer and employee experience.

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