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McorpCX included in Now Tech: CX Strategy Consulting Practices Report

Published May 6, 2022

McorpCX, a leading customer and employee experience solutions consultancy, announced that Forrester Research, Inc. has included the Company in their recent report. 

As Forrester notes in the report, “You can use customer experience (CX) strategy consulting to identify customer problems, develop a plan to profitably solve those problems, and build the necessary CX infrastructure.” But to realize tangible benefits, customer experience professionals need to find the right partners, and focus on finding and solving the customer issues with the greatest value to their organizations.  

“Customer and employee experience strategies are essential to capturing the value that being customer obsessed can drive,” said McorpCX Founder and President Michael Hinshaw. “Our clients realize this, which is why they turn to McorpCX – to help them bring their customer obsession to life through tailored CX strategy, experience design, comprehensive voice-of-the-customer programs, and training and education.” 

The importance of having a brand-aligned experience vision, as well as a strategy to activate that vision in tangible, meaningful ways, is clear to most customer-centric organizations. But defining and activating it in ways that best meet the expectations of customers, employees, and other key stakeholders is a key reason they turn to experts like McorpCX for help.  

“Having been in the CX business for over 20 years now, we’ve developed robust methodologies and tools that allow us to more quickly and efficiently execute against business and customer priorities,” says Lynn Davison, COO of McorpCX. “Our CX strategy playbooks are a great example of this, helping accelerate time to value with actionable outputs, clear prioritization matrices, and a proven framework for enabling and activating a customer-centric operating model.”

View the report - NowTech: Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Practices Report

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