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Better Employee Experiences = More Engaged Employees

The right employee experience makes it easier to attract, engage and keep high-performing employees.

Good CX Starts with Good EX

Just as customer experience is what customers feel about a company as a result of their interactions, employee experience is how employees feel as a result of their experiences across their entire relationship with your organization. Starting with the first time they encounter your brand and explore an opportunity to the time they leave, every interaction is an opportunity to help them grow, feel more valued and empowered, inspired to do their best work...or the opposite.

No matter how “digital-first” your business gets, it’s the human element - your people - that drive CX success. McorpCX has always leveraged employee experience as a critical focus for customer-centric organizations. In today's competitive hiring environment and more flexible, hybrid ways of working it's become more important than ever. Not only does excellent employee experience drive excellent customer experience, employee experience is vital to keeping your talent pipeline full, and keeping your employees longer. 

Those with more engaged (and happier!) employees outperform the competition in measures of profit, productivity, lower operating costs and brand reputation. 

Research backs this up: Employees who know they’re valued work harder, even without managerial supervision. Employees stay at EX-leading firms longer, and help recruit other good employees. And those organizations that invest most in employee experience are included in Fast Company’s "Most Innovative Companies" list 28 times more often than laggards.

In other words, happier employees yield better operating margins and deliver better customer experiences, while disengaged employees drain operating costs more quickly.


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