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The Experience Operating System (XOS)

A Future-Proof Framework for Experience-Led Growth

What is the XOS?


The Experience Operating System (XOS) is an operating system for the future. It’s a framework powered by 8 Keys that enable any organization to “unlock” the value of being experience-led. 

Together, they encompass the interconnected capabilities and skills that successful experience-led businesses and organizations use to consistently and systematically design, deliver, and respond to customer and employee interactions. They fit together in ways that allow your organization to understand better and operationalize:

Where you’re going

Ensure your organization is pointed in the same direction, so everyone can execute on the same vision.

How you manage internally

Instill focus and accountability to keep everyone aligned, understand roles and responsibilities, and do the right things in the right ways.

How you continually learn and improve

A framework for driving a cycle of continuous learning and improvement across the XOS, and your entire organization.

What enables delivery

Optimize and operationalize experiences across channels and journeys, making them “real” for your customers and employees.

How you work

Bring the XOS to life in ways that change your ways of thinking and working to better organize around and focus on your customers.

Hear about the XOS from Other Leaders

"The structure of an Experience Operating System generates return on investments and continually strives to meet human needs and expectations." Neal Berg, Global CX Strategy and Service Design Leader at Honeywell.
"You can create a market-leading customer Experience Operating System (XOS) that is worthy of your company's true potential and purpose." John Danner, senior fellow, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and Wall Street Journal best-selling author.
"The Experience Operating System (XOS) can help you plan out the next stages of your experience improvement roadmap." Tabitha Dunn, Global Head of Customer Experience and Sales Technology for Hitachi, and Chair of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA).
"The Experience Operating System lays out a blueprint for making investments in customer experience that generates a real return for the business and its customers." Jeff Sheehan, author of Customer Experience Field Manual: The Guide for Building Your Top Performing CX Program.
"XOS is a fantastic framework that breaks down the different components, disciplines, and competencies required for an organization to become sustainably customer-centric." Ian Golding, Certified Customer Experience Professional, international speaker, writer, and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.
"The XOS can help you get 'unstuck' no matter where you are in the maturity of your efforts." Tabitha Dunn, Global Head of Customer Experience and Sales Technology for Hitachi, and Chair of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA).
"The Experience Operating System (XOS) (is) a nexus of technology, data and strategy, enhancing every touchpoint across the customer journey." Vivek Bhaskaran, founder and CEO of QuestionPro, a leading customer and employee insights and analytics company with over five million users.
"A system that will help you understand, connect with, and nurture relationships with your customers - driving your business's success in a rapidly evolving landscape." Elisabeth Zornes, entrepreneurial and innovative chief customer officer at Autodesk.

Why the XOS Works

Around the world, business leaders like you – those who wish to better serve your customers and drive greater business value – have driven growth and profits by running on the principles of the Experience Operating System. It’s a framework powered by 8 Keys that, together, enable any organization to “unlock” the value of being experience-led. 

This is where the XOS comes into play. Traditional operating systems—those that operate from the premise of what’s easiest or best for the organization, rather than what’s easiest or best for the customer – drove yesterday’s success. And they need to change because experience-led success requires operating in new, more customer-centric ways. 

When you have an XOS in place, you can see around corners in ways most companies can’t. Everyone is pointed in the same direction and understands what they need to do to meet your goals.

Your business runs more smoothly and profitably because you have information you can use to intelligently act across your entire organization — not just in marketing, or sales, or customer service, in your stores, or on your website, but everywhere.

If you’ve struggled to drive customer-centricity across your business,help is here. 

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Co-Authors of Experience Rules!, the Book That Introduced the XOS


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Founder and President, McorpCX

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