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Voice of Customer and Experience Measurement

First listen to your customers, then analyze and act in ways that measurably improve experiences and drive ROI.

Voice of the Customer Program Design, Optimization, and Operation

A modern VoC listening system delivers value to your business by doing much more than just gathering data. It must give you the insights you need to engage the business, transform experiences, and boost business results. 

And it needs to be designed to do so across myriad journeys, journey stages, and touchpoints, in ways that visualize and analyze insights and prioritize actions, from all interaction channels and sources.

A measurement value chain links business operations to customer perceptions and behaviors in ways that allow you to see the impact of what you do on how customers feel, and the impact of how they feel on your business results. 

At McorpCX, we are expert at developing metrics-driven value chains that help you drive from data to insights and from insights to action, linked to ROI in ways that allow you to predict, prove, and improve business results.

VoC Management

Systematic, insights-rich customer listening systems

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Measurement and Analytics

Data- and insights-driven experience transformation

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Build XM Capabilities

Building organizational customer centricity behaviors

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Experience Strategy

Define your customer-centric vision and strategies

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Capture Holistic CX Feedback

Email surveys are a thing of the past. Today’s VoC and measurement systems collect relationship and transactional journey feedback across mobile, chat, apps, and social, leveraging “Voice of Analytics” (VoA) to learn what people do, not just what they say.

Move from Insights to Action

The right VoC System delivers insights that chart a path to greater wallet and market share, acquisition, and retention. But ROI like this can only be achieved by acting on your insights; without taking action, it’s impossible to drive business results.

Choose the Right Metrics

Simple CX metrics like CSAT and NPS are no longer enough to understand experience. The right metrics include leading and lagging indicators that help you see what has (and will likely) happen across channels, interactions, journeys and behaviors.

Continuously Improve Your VoC Model

An agile approach to VoC operations lets you continuously test and iterate with people, processes, data and technology. By acting intentionally, carefully and quickly, you balance internal and external resources to continuously improve your VoC program.

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