Customer Experience Training

One of the many things that makes our customer experience training and education programs so right for you is that each is, in fact, designed for you—based on an understanding of your business and brand strategies, your customers, and your customer experience objectives.

Hands-on, case-driven, and outcome oriented, each has been adapted directly from our proven methodologies, tested and relentlessly honed over years in the real world. And your instructors and facilitators are senior McorpCX consultants and executives who have successfully led enterprise customer experience (CX) transformation efforts across the globe.

Each of our workshops is highly engaging, hands-on, outcome-oriented, and fully aligned with your brand, desired experience, and goals.
If you’re charged with managing the delivery of great experiences, you’ll be interested in the best practices and lessons learned from other leaders.
From educational seminars for senior executives to customer experience training for in-house teams, our global programs are practical and enjoyable.
From an hour’s speech on innovation to a two-day customer experience training, our industry-leading speakers educate, engage, and delight audiences.