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The McorpCX Story

Founded in 2002 with a simple premise: Help companies profit more by better understanding and serving their customers.

Born in the Alberta Wheat Fields

In early 1997, McorpCX founder Michael Hinshaw started a venture-backed company (online grain exchange) in an industry he knew nothing about (farming and trading), in a country he had never done business in (Canada). To understand the market, Michael developed what he called a “touchpoint map” to identify the wants and needs, friction, pain, and interaction points experienced by the farmers, traders, shippers and suppliers who were key to the industry.

The result of this exercise catapulted the company from startup to the largest independent grain trader in Canada for a time, with more than 130,000 acres of wheat under management.

Using the tools used and lessons learned in the Canadian wheat belt, McorpCX was founded in 2002 on a simple premise: find opportunities to eliminate friction, meet unmet needs, and drive greater value by helping companies better understand their customers, their relationship lifecycles, and their experiences. By pivoting what was then a common “inside out, company-centric” way of doing business to an “outside-in, customer- first” view, previously unseen opportunities bubbled to the surface driving greater customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

The outcomes? For early clients including GE Real Estate, SBC, and Microsoft, we used Touchpoint Mapping® (essentially the same as a Customer Journey Map) to show where issues and opportunities existed across the lifecycle and identified actionable improvements that made customers and employees happier and drove business value.

Today, McorpCX is an independent, partner-owned and led firm. We remain focused on the enormous (and growing) opportunity to use customer experience as a lens to maximize business value, while continually improving the experiences that customers have with the organizations that serve them. Our culture of innovation and curiosity drives us to continue to learn and apply human centered design, technology and data management, and digital innovation, to the business of designing and delivering better customer and employee experiences. By helping organizations master the concepts, methodologies, frameworks, and tools behind customer experience management, we continue to fulfill our mission of helping companies profit more by treating their customers better, and to pursue our vision of eliminating bad customer experiences for everyone.

A Forrester Regular

McorpCX makes the cut in several Forrester CX and EX reports, including their first ever report on customer experience.

Valued Microsoft Partner

Selected to design and develop Microsoft’s CCE (‘Connected Customer Experience’) Initiative, the first of many with the MS CX team.

A Best-Selling Book

Michael Hinshaw and Bruce Kassanoff write and publish digital innovation and customer experience best seller, Smart Customers, Stupid Companies.

Touchpoint Mapping®

McorpCX trademarked Touchpoint Mapping, which we used with Journey Mapping and other methods of seeing customers, which are now the bedrock of CX.

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