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VoC Management: Optimize Your Customer Listening Program

Maximize the value, impact, and performance of your Voice-of-the-Customer program including data, technology, processes and systems.

Maximize the Value and Performance of Your VoC Investments

The first step towards improving customer experience? A system to listen.

Taking an outside-in approach to guiding your customer experience program starts with ensuring your customers’ voices are heard, and then implementing actions based on their wants and needs. Starting with a clearly defined plan and technology stack for systematically gathering, interpreting, reacting to, and monitoring customer feedback, a true Voice of the Customer (VoC) program transforms random customer data into in-context information that can flow into and through your company to inform decision-making and drive cross-functional stakeholder action.

McorpCX has managed 92 VoC programs...and counting. This means integrating robust and on-point VOC into your CX process. And while were not a provider of VoC listening systems, we know the players, their offerings, and their strengths for different types of organizations at different levels of VoC maturity. 


We help clients wrap their heads (and arms) around how to use these fresh, direct, customer and employee insights to drive relationship and business results. We understand where AI and machine learning can best serve a program, and where a hands-on approach is needed. And together, we turn your VoC data into measurable actions.

Putting a VoC system in place and collecting raw data is the tip of the iceberg. Managing the system with skill and agility is where mature CX enterprises shine.  

McorpCX taps into VoC to help you address the Issue Resolution Loops (our customer has an issue) and the Improvement Loops (we have an opportunity…or an issue). We help you to:

  • Listen to customers about their experiences
  • Act quickly to resolve specific issues affecting even individual customers
  • Analyze input and data to define next priorities
  • Act on priorities to improve experiences affecting customer groups
  • Analyze data to define priorities based on your organization’s goals

And in a support capacity, McorpCX will help with:

  • Governance around the VoC System to ensure effective operation
  • Monitoring the experience to ensure desired performance
  • Embedding VoC to drive a customer-centric culture

VoC SafeHands is designed for organizations that have systems in place, but who wish to optimize performance, insights, and value.


Let us know how we can help. Even if you’re not ready today, McorpCX would be happy to share resources and invite you to webinars that may be of interest to you and your VoC management needs. Keep in touch »

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