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Voice of Customer Programs

Maximize your VoC Program impact and ROI

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Increase the Value, Performance, and Impact of Your VoC Program.

At a high level the purpose of VoC is simple: measure customer experiences, identify priorities, and make improvements. A modern VoC Program helps companies obtain a constant stream of trustworthy customer feedback, flowing insights into and through the organization in ways that better inform and compel action to evolve the business.

This is why we're experts at VoC. If it advances the quality of your customer, employee, or digital experience, it’s in our wheelhouse.

Plan: Voice of Customer Program Planning

Evaluate your VoC program, envision its future state, and create a strategic roadmap to achieve your goals.

Design: VoC Program Design and Architecture

Detailed design and architecture of VoC program components to ensure alignment with your objectives.

Select: VoC Technology Vendor Selection

“Vendor agnostic with friends,” we help select and assess VoC technology solutions

Build: VoC Program Development

Efficiently launch or scale a robust, effective VoC initiative with skilled and capable resources to accelerate your momentum.

Deploy: VoC System Deployment and Change Management

Ensure smooth VoC rollout while maximizing organizational buy-in and time-to-value.

Operate: “Safe Hands” Operational Management and Maintenance

Reliable VoC operations including listening post, dashboards and reports maintenance, data analysis, and reporting.


Greater YoY Customer Retention


Greater YoY Revenue Growth


YoY Greater Increase in CLV

7 ways to maximize VoC Program ROI

Capture holistic Feedback: Collect feedback from all touchpoints to fully grasp customer experiences and expectations.
Establish Clear Priorities: Concentrate on areas affecting customer satisfaction and outcomes, guided by feedback analysis.
Involve Stakeholders in Improvements: Engage employees and managers in integrating customer insights into all business aspects.
Enroll VoC Champions: Assign advocates across the organization to incorporate customer viewpoints in decision-making.
Drive and Support Accountability: Set measurable goals for the VoC program and track progress, emphasizing customer-centricity.
Crystalize Sponsorship and Communication: Secure executive backing and communicate VoC findings and actions across the organization.
Continuously Improve your VoC Approach: Regularly refine strategies and tools, staying updated with new methods to enhance feedback analysis.
A Voice of the Customer (VoC) program provides organizations with critical insights into customer preferences and pain points, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

By effectively responding to feedback, businesses can directly impact revenue growth and reduce customer turnover, driven by improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. In fact, customer insights-driven firms are three times more likely to outperform their competitors.

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What is a VoC program?

A Voice of the Customer (VoC) program systematically gathers, analyzes, and acts on customer feedback to improve products, services, and the overall customer experience. It's a strategic approach to understanding customer needs and expectations, enabling organizations to make informed decisions that enhance satisfaction, loyalty, and business performance.

Why is a VoC Program important?

A Voice of the Customer (VoC) program is important because it provides direct insights into customer needs and expectations. It helps businesses tailor their products, services, and experiences to customer preferences, and fosters customer-centric decision-making. Reliable insights lead to simpler processes, stronger retention, more productive relationships, and even lower cost customer acquisition. All while making customers happier.

What is the value of a VoC Program?

The value of a VoC Program lies in its ability to provide actionable insights into customer preferences and experiences. It guides improvements in products and services, enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, and informs strategic decision-making. This leads to better customer retention, increased revenue, and a competitive advantage in the market.

How do I run a VoC Program?

To run a VoC Program, start by defining clear objectives and utilize various feedback channels like surveys, interviews, and social media listening, and data sources like your web analytics and call center. Analyze the collected data for insights, implement changes based on feedback, and continuously monitor and measure the impact of these changes.

What does the future of VoC look like?

The future of  Voice of Customer (VoC) programs leverages near real-time feedback analysis and decision making, with AI and machine learning enhancing data analysis and interpretation. Predictive analytics will anticipate customer trends, while the evolving role of social media and changing consumer behaviors will increasingly influence VoC, making them more dynamic and integral to business decision-making.

What are the 4 steps of VoC methodology?

The 4 steps of VoC methodology are: 1) Collecting customer feedback, 2) Analyzing the feedback, 3) Implementing improvements based on insights, 4) Monitoring the impact and making further adjustments.

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