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Customer Journey Mapping

Drive customer-centric change with customer journey mapping.

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Drive Acquisition and Retention With Customer Journey Mapping

Build new and optimize your existing customer journeys around a deep understanding of customer needs, expectations and emotions at every stage and touchpoint, to help them quickly and seamlessly accomplish their objectives.

McorpCX helps organizations new to Journey Mapping, as well ready for Journey Mapping 3.0, an agile, technology-powered way of improving journeys with the customer at its center.

Customer Journey Mapping

Re-imagine your customer journeys with insights-driven maps that reveal gaps, opportunities, and key actions to take.

Buyer Journey Mapping

Linking buyer and seller experience in a journey map helps optimize B2B marketing and sales operations and productivity.

Ecosystem and Capabilities Mapping

Gain cross-functional views of the technology, systems, and data that deliver customer experience.

Customer Experience Design

Deliberately craft engaging, seamless interactions at and across each stage of the customer journey.


More X-sell and Upsell Revenue


Faster Average Sales Cycle


Revenue from Customer Referrals

How We Ensure Highly Effective Customer Journey Mapping

Build journey maps that solve the right problems: Start with your end goal in mind: envision your perfect, seamless customer journey.
Prioritize specific initiatives within those journeys: Journey maps reveal many details; tackle them gradually to avoid being overwhelmed.
Track and measure improvements across the journey: After deciding on the improvements, use analytics and measurement tools to track your progress.
Understand and overcome activation challenges: We could go on and on. The good news is these challenges are well known, so you can avoid them.
Customer Journey Mapping helps more of the right customers more quickly accomplish their goals. This drives greater pre-sale engagement, higher close rates, and better retention/reduced churn.
Better customer experiences across the journey mean deeper engagement, greater loyalty and advocacy. This means measurable improvements in the metrics that matter to you, like ARR/MRR, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), and CSAT/NPS (to name a few).

Learn More About Customer Journey Mapping

What is Customer Journey Mapping?

Customer journey mapping is the process of mapping the complete customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle highlighting touchpoints and emotions. By mapping the customer's interactions, businesses gain insights to optimize each stage, improve satisfaction, and foster loyalty, creating a more tailored and effective customer journey.

Why is Customer Journey Mapping important?

Customer Journey Mapping identifies touchpoints, pain points, and emotional cues throughout the customer journey. This strategic tool fosters customer satisfaction, loyalty, and informed decision-making, ultimately driving business success and long-term growth. The more complex your customer relationships are – the more segments, journeys, channels, etc. – the more necessary journey maps become.

What is a Customer Journey Map?

A customer journey map is a visual diagram that illustrates the steps your customers go through as they interact with your company, across different journeys, channels, and devices. It helps businesses understand and improve the customer experience by identifying touchpoints, emotions, and areas for enhancement throughout the entire engagement process. 

What is Customer Journey Mapping 3.0?

Journey Mapping 3.0 is the current and future of journey maps that allows organizations to learn faster, pinpoint issues more precisely and thoroughly, and improve experiences more efficiently by identifying not just customer pain points, but the places where technology, touchpoints, processes, and even people, might be causing friction. 

How do I get started on Customer Journey Mapping?

To build a Customer Journey Map, start with research to understand customer interactions. Create personas, outline key touchpoints, and map the entire journey. Analyze for pain points and improvements, then implement changes. Continuously gather feedback, adapting the map to evolving customer behaviors, and ensuring a dynamic tool for optimization. 

What is Customer Touchpoint Mapping?

Customer touchpoint mapping is the process of identifying and analyzing all the points of interaction between a customer and a brand throughout the customer journey.

How do you create a Customer Touchpoint Map?

To create a customer touchpoint map, identify all customer interactions, organize them by journey stages, analyze the impact of each, and seek opportunities for improvement.

What is the difference between a Touchpoint and a Pain Point?

A touchpoint is any interaction between a customer and a brand, while a pain point is a specific problem or frustration experienced by the customer during these interactions.

What is a Touchpoint Map?

A touchpoint map visually represents all the interactions a customer has with a brand throughout their journey, helping identify areas for improvement and enhance overall customer experience.

What is the difference between a Journey and a Touchpoint Map?

A journey map outlines the entire customer journey, from awareness to loyalty, while a touchpoint map focuses specifically on the points of interaction between the customer and the brand.

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