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McorpCX Case Studies

Driving customer-centric business impact since 2002.

Exploring the Art of the Possible with AI and NLP Supercharging a VoC Program with AI helps it handle higher volumes and perform quicker analysis... Read the client story
Building Cross-Org, Customer-Centric, Digital-First Processes Pilot program reduces time-to-market and enhances customer experience company-wide... Read the client story
Actionable CX Vision Brings Brand Strategy to Life Employees play a vital role in manifesting this brand, as their everyday actions deliver bottom-line success... Read the client story
Improving Market Position Through CX Strategy Shift Training employees to better deliver against customer expectations improves net promoter scores... Read the client story
Customer Listening Reveals Needs and Opportunities VoC paves the way to strategic decision-making and a clearer idea of where to focus resources... Read the client story
Scaling Personalized Service Across Channels Viewing CX from the outside-in helps deliver a scalable, cross-channel experience... Read the client story
Better Customer Experience and a Lower Cost to Serve How this Fortune 100 Telecom leveraged outside-in VoC... Read the client story
Customer Centricity Drives Strategy Eliminating silos increases engagement, drives cross-sell and revenue, and boosts loyalty... Read the client story
Designing a Better B2B Experience How a better customer experience streamlined processes, reduced costs, and drove greater customer and partner engagement for a global software leader... Read the client story
Stripping Complexity from CX Aligning a cross-channel delivery turns vendor disconnects into relationship-building opportunities... Read the client story
Journey Mapping Closes CX Gaps Focus on a better experience drives business process efficiencies, repurchase and retention, and boosts loyalty... Read the client story
Aligning Brand and Experience Drive Value A CX-driven brand strategy boosts awareness and loyalty for this leading non-profit... Read the client story
Measuring CX Reveals Insights A bank’s customer experience and Touchpoint Mapping clarify wants, needs and opportunities... Read the client story

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