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Employee Journey Mapping

Drive greater employee engagement and productivity

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Identify Key Moments That Affect Your Employee Experience

There's a reason 65% of HR leaders rate employee experience design a strategic priority. Understanding the key points along the employee journey that impact experience enables your organization to better attract, engage, and retain high-performing employees and increase overall performance.

McorpCX can help you identify key touchpoints, determine gaps, prioritize improvements, and continually measure the employee experience for ongoing alignment.

Employee Journey Mapping

We work with you to map your employee journeys, and identify pain points, gaps and opportunities.

Employee Research and Insights Gathering

We gather and analyze data to identify trends, pain points, and areas for enhancement across the employee journey.

Employee Persona Development

Similar to customer personas, employee personas help in understanding the diverse needs and experiences of various employee groups.

Employee Experience Design

Design employee experiences and offerings using a human-centered approach to shape the intended employee experience.


Reduction in Absenteeism


Increase in Productivity


Increase in Profitability

How We Ensure Highly Effective Employee Journey Mapping

Align employee journey mapping and EX strategy: Define improvement goals: better onboarding, organizational change, or work methods. Start with the end in mind.
Be clear on using the employee journey map: Focus on improving existing experiences, creating new ones, or, improving technology.
Look to shift ways of thinking and working: Our research shows that improving autonomy and empowerment, and the tools and authority to do their jobs drive huge value.
Take action on what you discover: To benefit fully, you need to use your maps to educate leadership, socialize insights, and drive measurable improvements
Employee Journey Mapping enables you to develop an employee experience that, simplistically, makes employees lives better and increases their engagement and productivity. 
From happier people to  greater engagement, Employee Journey Mapping helps identify opportunities to reduce turnover, improve onboarding, enhances employer branding, and foster a culture that delivers better customer experiences, and drives organizational success.

Learn More About Employee Journey Mapping

What is Employee Journey Mapping?

Employee journey mapping is a process that visually represents the employee experience from hire to onboarding and exit, across their relationship with your orgnization. Based on employee research and insights, employee journey maps can identify areas for improvement, help make employees more productive and efficienct, and inform investments based on priortizing what's most important.

Why is Employee Journey Mapping important?

The foundation of customer experience—your people—is what makes everything else possible. Employee journey mapping is important because it helps you discover opportunities for mutual value creation (your employees, and your business) by attracting, motivating, and retaining the best employees, and enable them to do their best work.

Can Employee Journey Mapping help in the 'new world of work'?

Employee journey mapping is more relevant than ever in a world of hybrid and remote work. By better understanding your people, you can better align your business requirements with their needs. You'll be able to enhancing remote onboarding and integration, better support work-life balance, and over come common challenges like isolation, overworking, and communication barriers.

What is an Employee Journey Map?

An Employee Journey Map is a visual representation of an employee's experiences, interactions, and emotions throughout their entire tenure within an organization. It's a tool used to gain insight into the employee experience, from initial japplication to the final day of work. This map is designed to help employers understand and improve employee interactions with at each stage of their journey. 

How do I build an Employee Journey Map?

To build an Employee Journey Map, identify key stages from recruitment to departure. Gather employee feedback, pinpoint touchpoints, and note emotions at each stage. Visualize the map to understand and optimize the overall experience, enhancing satisfaction and engagement.

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