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Voice of Customer System: Become a VoC Hero!

Published December 1, 2022

10 questions to transform the cost and impact of your Voice of the Customer (VoC) System as we plan for 2023 and (maybe) head into recession.

For the vast majority of organizations in North America, 2023 planning is starting.

We know CX leaders outperform their competitors especially in times of economic change (e.g. see the recent Qualtrics study on CX leaders during COVID: XM Leaders’ Stock Price Outperformed Peers Through COVID | XM Institute).

VoC impact by well above 20% and, more importantly, protect and grow your business.

CX, VoC, Operations, Revenue, and Finance leaders are taking a hard look at their VoC Systems—asking and answering 10 key sets of questions—as we prepare for 2023:

  1. Am I getting the value and impact I should be? Could I do better? Are my people productive enough and how can I improve? If I started today would I do things this way?

  2. Do I need to invest more in VoC given market conditions or should I reduce investments, and if so where?

  3. Do I have more Qualtrics tech than I need? What about Qualtrics’ newest solutions? Is now the time to be investing in those, or should I wait? What about my overall VoC Tech stack?

  4. Do I have a VoC strategy, blueprint and business case that my stakeholders support? Does it need updating for 2023 planning?

  5. Am I getting feedback from the right channels? How well do my surveys and collectors perform? Is email surveying enough or even my best VoC investment?

  6. How do I integrate multi-channel feedback to get better, more actionable insights?

  7. Do I have the right CX metrics? Is it clear how they relate to our Operational and Financial business metrics?

  8. How do I better present our experience insights along with operational and financial insights to motivate action and impact?

  9. What is the role of AI and Machine Learning in my VoC strategy today, tomorrow and beyond?

  10. Is there sufficient organizational awareness of the importance and impact of our VoC investments and how to use what we produce? Am I communicating that well enough?

How Can McorpCX help (if you need it)?

  • A free 30-minute chat about your situation with our VoC experts. Just reply.

  • Collaborative VoC ROI Assessments from single, low-cost VoC Compass Workshops to Comprehensive 2 to 4 month collaborative audits.

  • Provide you with an unstructured “VoC Buddy” giving you access to a deeply experienced McorpCX VoC Coach for 1 to 2 days per month.

  • Help you execute the improvements you need with one of the most experienced CX teams in North America. CX (and EX) is what we do, all we do, and all we have ever done.

  • And we have hundreds more VoC questions to answer that we select from for your particular situation.

Who do I contact? Email any of our VoC leaders.

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