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Persona Mapping

Improve product, service and experience design

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Drive Greater Empathy and More Human-Centered Design

A persona is a visual tool used to help stakeholders better understand and empathize with its users or customers, enabling the creation of products, services, experiences, and strategies more closely aligned with their needs and preferences. Representing identifiable segments of people in ways that are memorable and real, they are used to drive decisions and actions.

We craft research-based persona from real observations, demographics, and behaviors, presenting key goals and attributes in a concise, impactful persona.

Persona Development

Crafting employee and customer personas with research-based demographic, behavioral, and motivational insights.

Customer and Employee Research

Conducting interviews, surveys, and studies to uncover user behaviors, preferences, and needs.

Persona Application Workshops and Training

Training sessions to help you create, use, and integrate personas into your business, to drive persona-led value.

Customer Journey Mapping

Develop customer and employee journey maps to visualize each persona's interactions, emotions, and challenges.


Decreased Cost of Service


Greater Conversion Rates


Faster Design and Development

How We Ensure Highly Effective Persona Development

Define clear objectives for your persona: Focus on key goals such as enhancing user experience or advancing product development.
Use research-driven insights and data: Validate accuracy with stakeholder views, customer feedback, observations, and data for user insights.
Prioritize relevant attributes and characteristics: Consider key demographics, behaviors, motivations, or pain points related to your objectives.
Beware of persona development challenges: Overcome challenges like excessive personas, stereotypes, and unconscious bias in the process.
Regularly review and update personas: Refine personas based on evolving data, market changes, and feedback for sustained relevance.
Leveraging personas in the design of experiences--whether human, physical, or digital--can provide a return as much as four times greater than designing without persona. 

Persona mapping yields a higher return on investment by improving decision-making throughout the process, leading to increased revenue and reduced service costs, time savings on design and development, and a more efficient and effective experience design process

Learn More about Persona Mapping

What is Persona Mapping?

Persona mapping is method for creating fictional characters, or personas, that represent different types of users based on demographics, behaviors, and preferences. Personas help designers better understand users' needs, experiences, behaviors, and goals to guide the design of tailored communications and content, and the design of products, services, and experiences.

Why is Persona Mapping important?

Persona Mapping enhances organizational understanding of target audiences, fostering empathy and providing insights into user behaviors, needs, and challenges. This leads to more effective and human-centric product, service, and experience design, and helps improve overall customer experience while driving value to the organization.

What is a Persona?

A persona is a detailed visual representation of a semifictional character that represents a specific segment of a target audience. It's based on a combination of market research, real data about existing customers or users, and informed assumptions, and includes demographic details, behavioral traits, motivations, goals, and pain points. 

How do I build a Customer or Employee Persona?

To build a persona, gather user data through surveys, interviews, and analytics. Identify demographic, behavioral, and psychographic patterns. Create detailed profiles for key segments, including characteristics, goals, needs, and challenges. These profiles should represent realistic and relatable segments of your target audience, aiding in targeted strategy development.

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