Digging deeper into the Customer Experience experience

While CX is still a relatively new discipline, it’s matured to the point where we’ve outgrown simple definitions and platitudes. No one needs convincing anymore, or at least old-school holdouts know better than to voice their skepticism and their “if you build it they will come” fantasies.

But we need to go deeper, and we need to get better. The big cultural shift to customer centricity—which puts the customer at the center of most decisions, discussions, and policies—is still more lip service than reality, and many organizations are struggling with how to climb out of their silos and join the young guns at the pointy end of the revolution. This month? There’s lots of great reading that goes a little bit deeper. ¡Viva la revolucion!

1.) Where Customer Experience is Going in 2015: 10 Trends to Watch http://bit.ly/1BcDeIw
In 2015, a number of customer experience-related trends continue to gather steam, further raising the bar for companies that need to compete in a world where traditional industry boundaries are disappearing and commoditization is becoming ever more commonplace. (Tweet Score: 308)

2.) Reading: "The Tech Trends You Can't Ignore in 2015" http://bit.ly/1AwP3c7
“Is your company poised to build the next Uber? Have you started imagining how cryptocurrencies could be used to shore up your company’s digital security? Have you considered that the algorithms your company uses might inadvertently be lying to you?” And with that, HBR launches into a discourse on likely upcoming tech trends. As jaw dropping as the list is, it’s The Five Questions we should all pay particular attention to. (Tweet Score: 173)

3.) Creating a Customer-Centric Culture: A Model Employee Handbook http://bit.ly/1AwOpeA
Nordstrom’s employee handbook? It’s a single card with a six-word message that shows customer-centric lip service simply won’t fly. From the top on down, walking the talk is the only thing that counts. (Tweet Score: 103)

4.) Companies like Birchbox and Uber are winning the game of consumer marketing because of one single variable... http://bit.ly/1BK2dk9
It’s hard to find a mobile banking app that has built-in sharing features to facilitate word-of-mouth marketing. What about interesting or useful banking industry videos? In fact, where is banking to be found in the landscape of newer, highly effective digital marketing strategies? While this is especially pertinent for banking, all slow-to-adopt industries should take note. (Tweet Score: 100)

5.) Can consumers be as engaged and accurate with prediction markets as employees? http://bit.ly/1AwPcw4
The gamification of customer research: transforming surveys into predictions you can bank on. (Tweet Score: 97)

6.) CMOs Increasingly Expected to Lead Customer Experience Efforts http://bit.ly/1BZ7vIH
And the subtitle? “But Their Progress is Lacking.” Why? Training, clout, support, the newness of CX, and the enormous change-management process it takes for companies to understand that the way they do business, their approach to customer experience, and their success in the market are all inextricably linked. (Tweet Score: 94)

7.) Reading: "Creating What Consumers Want" http://onforb.es/1HemNA5
Written specifically for consumer packaged goods companies, this article hits a lot of points salient to many of us across a wide range of industries. Worth a read even if you’re not involved in CPG. (And it ties in well with a couple of this month’s other posts.) (Tweet Score: 93)

8.) A Tale Of Two Airlines http://cmo.cm/1BATil5
You with a B2B company? Please read what amounts to a courtesy reminder. It starts, “You’d think B2B marketers would be getting the message by now. So much has been said and written about the essentialness of content marketing in recent years, I hesitated in even writing this post. But I felt compelled for two reasons...” (Tweet Score: 93)

9.) Imaginary Expert 'Meghan Millennial' Explains The Omnichannel Retail Customer Experience http://onforb.es/1DvKAc4
In a nutshell? “…customers have little to no understanding of or sympathy for your difficulties in pulling off omnichannel retailing, even though these difficulties are assuredly significant.” Cry a river, then get to work removing those barriers to buying. (Tweet Score: 92)

10.) Your Customers' Behavior Is a Competitive Advantage http://bit.ly/1CgiJsf
With so much pressure on marketers to curate a better customer experience, it’s interesting to read about turning the tables and putting some of the onus on the customers themselves to improve their experience. And what better industry to promote civility than airline travel? But the possibilities go deeper and further than that. (Tweet Score: 91)

I don’t see any “net new” trends on the immediate CX horizon. That said, the impact and implications of several existing CX trends continue to grow.

To which – if you read one thing in this month’s email, read No 1 on the list to see Where Customer Experience is Going in 2015. and the 10 Trends I suggest you keep an eye on.

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