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Taylor Fitzpatrick

Practice Leader, Journey Mapping and Management

Taylor Fitzpatrick

Taylor is passionate about helping our clients create memorable experiences that drive customer loyalty. She partners with them to gain a rich understanding of the customer journey—along with employee, partner, and operational interactions—from initial contact to off-boarding, developing journey management strategies that address challenges, spur business growth, and foster customer engagement. Her secret sauce? A blend of empathetic listening and harnessing technology for enhanced efficiency and efficacy. 

Before joining McorpCX, Taylor was a pivotal Customer Experience Manager for a leading medical device company, where she championed customer-centric strategies and delivered CX enhancements through the optimization of processes, technology, and tools. With a strong background in marketing, she's adept at uncovering and fulfilling customer desires, creating solutions that resonate and endure. 

Taylor holds an MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from PLNU in San Diego, CA. Beyond being a staunch customer advocate, she's an avid adventurer and culinary explorer, always ready to tackle a new hiking trail or experiment with a new recipe.