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Graham Clark

Vice President, Market Development

Graham Clark

As Vice President of Market Development, Graham and his team keep everyone busy working with clients who want to improve their customer experiences and their CX management expertise. He helps McorpCX grow by combining his sales, client and partner management talents with his passion for technology-driven experience transformation.

If you want to reach Graham directly about how McorpCX can help you, email or call him at:

After a short career in England’s alternative music industry, Graham graduated with a degree in Applied Computer Systems and Business from Brunel University in London. While working in the UK, Ireland, Europe, and even the Middle East, Graham was a pioneer in Computer Aided Systems Engineering, Project Management, and Enterprise Scale Data Driven Process Improvement. He eventually relocated to the U.S. with E&Y, and later he helped launch Cap Gemini in the USA 1991.

Graham has helped drive the evolution of technology-driven experience transformation from the early days of kiosks and ATMs to today’s intelligent AI-driven experiences, VR, and IoT—and every step in between. Graham's passion is todays' “digital first but not digital only multichannel customer” and the CX Tech Stack revolution.

A recognized speaker and thought leader, Graham has led events in and worked with companies in EMEA, APAC, the Americas, and Australia.

He has founded 7 companies and led 3 global digital consulting and system integration practices. And maintains one of the most extensive business and community networks of innovators, thought leaders, and contributors across political, religious, geographical, national, and interest areas. He is passionate about paying forward these relationships to help others succeed. Email Graham directly.