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CX Connect Coffee Chat: Crafting Voice of the Customer (VoC) Metrics

Dive into the world of customer experience with Taylor and Jonathan in this insightful coffee chat video! Discover the art of mastering the Voice of the Customer (VoC) and metrics, emphasizing the importance of design by working backward from organizational goals.

Explore beyond the traditional Net Promoter Score (NPS) as they unravel the nuances of customer experience metrics, shedding light on emotional dimensions. And of course, don't miss the juicy details on everyone's favorite topic - the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in metrics!

If you missed our recent webinar Bridging the (Survey-Centric) Past with the (AI-Driven) Future, catch it below!

Meanwhile, take a 10-minute break, grab your coffee, and join us for valuable insights into effective VOC metrics, considering emotions, and leveraging AI in the dynamic field of customer experience. 


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In this webinar, we dive into the challenges and opportunities presented by this seismic shift, and how business leaders—along with CX and insights pros—can adeptly navigate the transition. 
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Enjoy the full Transcript of the Video

VoC Metrics

Taylor Fitzpatrick, Jonathan Greenwood

Taylor Fitzpatrick  00:08
Good morning, Jonathan. How's it going?

Jonathan Greenwood  00:10
Hey, Taylor, good to see you again. Good. Yeah. Yeah, you know, Winter's coming. But that's alright.

Taylor Fitzpatrick  00:15
Winter is here. I love it. I thanks for joining me again for a chat today I actually am coffee list, unfortunately, I still love that. Oh, well, I'm excited to spend some time with you talking today about mastering the voice of customer and metrics specifically. So I know we're gonna talk a little bit about that. But maybe we can give some folks some background on why you're the expert in this space so that

Jonathan Greenwood  00:48
I don't think I'm the expert. I think I feel like I have some good experience as a practitioner for for many, many years. More than a decade before I started moving into consulting, and yeah, you know, it's, and that's the interesting thing. We'll maybe talk about that a little bit later. It's a constant learning process, I think with with metrics, you know, it's a fascinating subject. And there's always something new to discover, especially with, you know, the way you think technology and AI is shaping the landscape. And, you know, maybe we'll touch on that a bit later as well. Absolutely,

Taylor Fitzpatrick  01:21
definitely a hot topic these days. So we'll we'll dive into that. First, I want to talk a little bit about considerations like what should organizations and folks kind of keep in mind when they're thinking about designing voc metrics, trying to address customer feedback, kind of all those elements? What are some of those things they should be thinking about?

Jonathan Greenwood  01:39
Yeah, that's a, that's an interesting subject. Actually, I think the the first thing was mentioned maybe is that very often people start with the listening, oh, we need a survey about this, you know, and I think it's much more easy to work on this subject, if you work backwards, from, you know, I need to engage the organization to deliver better experiences. So to do that, I need this kind of data and metrics. And then to do that, I need to get that data and metrics, I need to do this kind of listening. So I think that's the first thing. And then a really, there's sort of two primary purposes. For a voc system, I think, you know, one is to, you know, listen very openly to customers about the experiences they're having and what it is they want from you, and the degree to which what you're doing suits their needs. But there's also something that companies miss from time to time, I think, which is, it needs to be tightly coupled with your strategy, right? And it seems obvious when you say it, but it's, it's like, well, I want to give this experience and do I give it or not. So you've got it, you've got to sort of balance those two things, I think. And that's really a you know, that's really a key point is think about what it is you're trying to accomplish, and then measure the degree to which you're accomplishing it. As well as leaving space for customers to tell you whatever it is, they want to tell you.

Taylor Fitzpatrick  02:57
I love that when you're when you talk about that it feels like there's probably some like, more relevant than that. Maybe others I think, you know, historically, there's been in CX. It's been like NPS, NPS, NPS. But I feel like there's this appeal now to think more broadly about what that looks like. And it feels like maybe there are some, like, smarter choices people could make in, you know, kind of what they're focused on there. So what does that? Yeah,

Jonathan Greenwood  03:22
I think so I think it's, you know, I think people often get into religious debates about metrics. If I can characterize it that way, as champions versus MPs, and I don't think, you know, life's a bit more nuanced, I think, you know, MPSC has no value, you know, if word of mouth is key for your business, then yeah, you need to know if people are speaking positively about you. But there's obviously a lot of other aspects to good experiences. And, you know, that, that go beyond that. So, yeah, I think it's not to make it overly complex, but it's definitely a nuanced picture. And you need to think a little bit about the, you know, for example, don't forget the emotional dimensions, we often focus on kind of very rational things when we come to metrics, and I think, we forget that we're emotionally driven creatures. And that's what's really, you know, driving the behavior, you know, and all that rational stuff comes along later. So, you've got to think a little bit about that, in the broad sense, you know,

Taylor Fitzpatrick  04:22
I love that I, I am definitely an emotional purchase. Like I have those brands that I will advocate for because of you know, who they are, what they represent, and there is, you know, if I have a poor experience, I'm definitely one of those consumers. That is not I don't shy away from saying, Well, you don't need my business, then if it's not, this doesn't meet my emotional standards. So I love the idea of keeping a motion in consideration. Well, and then you kind of we kind of talked about this a little bit earlier, you, you know, previewed that we'd be talking about AI so, like, we're know that their strategy, there's got to be some really specific decisions that are made around the types of metrics and where to focus. But what role does AI play in metrics? Like, is there a place for that there? Or does that lose the human element? What's the balance?

Jonathan Greenwood  05:14
I don't think so I think, you know, if we see, for example, that AI technologies are getting really good are, are really good at helping you to extract emotional depth and intensity out of out of feedback, it's, and you can do that at speed and scale that you can't do with humans. And I think that's, you know, that's the key thing there, especially when we know that, you know, resources are always tight. CX teams are very often TX teams of one, you know, you can't watch or listen to, you know, 5000 recordings of your customers and and, you know, understand that intensity by yourself. So, and that's just one example. And you know, and funnily enough, actually, we had a webinar recently about, about exactly this topic, because it's such a hot topic for people at the moment is what is their role of AI? And, and it shows up across the heart, you know, not just in metrics, of course, but it shows up across the whole kind of Voc listening approach. You know, we could spend, we could Coffee Chat for like 10 hours and still not get the bottom of probably, probably that's, that's a separate subject all by itself. Oh,

Taylor Fitzpatrick  06:24
that's amazing. Thank you so much for talking a little bit about that. I'll have to spend some time with the webinar. I knew that it was coming. I missed it. So it is on my list of things to catch up on. So thank you so much for spending time with me, Jonathan, and sharing all of the amazing stuff around metrics in voc and I look forward to our next Coffee Chat.

Jonathan Greenwood  06:44
Yeah, that'd be cool. Me too. Good to see ya.

Taylor Fitzpatrick  06:48
Sounds good.