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Let’s Talk

There’s a proven approach for boosting customer listening system ROI.

As business leaders demand greater value from their VoC investments, common challenges are emerging, along with the best practices, tools and techniques to overcome them. They’re relevant to customer listening pros in any organization.

For this webinar, we gathered a panel of technology and insights experts from McorpCX to discuss what’s happening in VoC, and what it means for you. You’ll learn:

  • Which modern VoC tools and techniques offer the greatest “bang for the buck”
  • How leaders get and use VoC insights that drive business results
  • Where AI and Machine Learning fit
  • Specific actions you can take to define and accelerate VoC success
  • And much more!
Plus: You’ll get the 7 Habits for Better VoC ROI quick-reference sheet to help you plan a path to better VoC System outcomes, based on the best habits of CX leaders.

Meet Your Expert Panel


Chirag Gandhi,

Chief Technology Officer, McorpCX,

will lead the discussion on the latest tools and techniques in Agile delivery and digital customer experience.

Jonathan Greenwood,

Practice Leader, Measurement & VoC, McorpCX,

will discuss how to help clients leverage the voice of their customers, employees and other stakeholder groups to transform business operations across the enterprise.

Suzi Earhart,

Practice Leader, Program & Change Management, McorpCX,

will discuss how to help communities embrace employee and customer experience in a way that leverages their unique culture, talents and tools to create deeper connections.

Graham Clark,

Vice President, Market Development, McorpCX,

will be the moderator. He is a multichannel customer experience revolutionary and leader, with more than 20 years in the industry, focused on transformational solutions that deliver measurable outcomes.
“We see a change in direction at Microsoft. And McorpCX helped us with that – they set up the framework, they set the vision of how to do it, they co-created with us, they trained us. We are now able to operate with a much more outside-in, customer-obsessed approach than we could two years ago.”

- Microsoft - Chief Experience Architect, Customer and Partner Experience