Our Partners

It takes an ecosystem of expertise to deliver better customer experiences. From the research, planning, and design of experiences to the cultural transformation required to embed change, no one firm has the ability to do it all.

This is where our partners come in. They include the technology leaders who help power Touchpoint Mapping, and deliver the enterprise-ready tools our global clients demand and associations who know our expertise will drive value for their members.

They also include our delivery and distribution partners who grow their customer experience-related expertise, boost revenue, and create competitive advantage by engaging with their clients in new, CX-driven ways.

With Partners Like These

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Across These Sectors

  • IT Services
  • Advertising
  • Brand Strategy
  • Technology
  • Marketing Research
  • Associations
  • Management Consulting
  • Professional Services

What Our Partners Say

“Twice our clients have brought in McorpCX to work alongside us. Each time, their approach to experience definition and issue identification clearly showed what to focus on first, and why. And when it came for the board to sign off on a customer-centric operating model for the business, they came in and made a crystal-clear case for change. These guys rock.” Senior Partner and Financial Services Practice Lead (Global Management Consulting)
“This partnership enables us to make significant strategic changes in our client’s marketing plans—driving many new business opportunities for our firm.” Jocelyn Smith, CEO; infinitee
“A Touchpoint Mapping® workshop with one client has driven two years of follow-on projects and significantly increased our business with this company.” Steve Fales, President; AdServices
“Customer experience - especially digital customer experience - is one of the most significant strategic movements underway across all industries. Our partnership with McorpCX will trigger a paradigm shift from just understanding customer insights to driving real operational execution of customer experience improvement.” VP & Global Head, CX Management; Mphasis
"Our partnership with McorpCX will empower our financial services clients to provide seamless, omni-channel customer experiences, and realize the growth potential from building relevant customer experiences. By deeply understanding how their customers buy, they can more intelligently deploy technologies and processes to outsell their competitors, drive greater revenue and boost customer loyalty." VP & Global Chief Marketing Officer; Cobis