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Navigating the shift from the world of surveys to the world that’s coming. 

Customer feedback isn't what it used to be.

And while surveys have given us valuable insights in the past, the industry (and we at McorpCX) know they aren’t the future. So how do we bridge that gap? 

In this webinar, we dive into the challenges and opportunities presented by this seismic shift, and how business leaders—along with CX and insights pros—can adeptly navigate the transition. 

Hear how:

  • The importance of Incremental strategies for adapting to new technologies 
  • How AI picks up important emotional responses (that surveys can’t) 
  • Why customer listening posts may never look the same 
  • Essential lessons from the past that provide a foundation for the future  
  • Why this means thinking differently about reporting, your metrics, and KPIs

What you'll learn? 

  • Acquire insights on blending traditional surveys and customer listening tools with cutting-edge AI. 
  • Stay updated on the trends and techniques revolutionizing customer insights. 
  • Engage directly with experts during interactive Q&A sessions. 


Bridging the (Survey Centric) Past with the (AI-Driven) Future

Meet Your Expert Panel


Michael Hinshaw,

President and Founder, McorpCX,

is a best-selling author on digital transformation and customer experience, and has on over a dozen “Global CX Thought Leaders” lists. He's also a Teaching Fellow at UC Berkeley’s Lester Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at The Haas School of Business.

Jonathan Greenwood,

Practice Leader, Measurement & VoC, McorpCX,

leads experience measurement efforts, helping clients leverage stakeholder feedback to enhance enterprise operations. With two decades of CX expertise, he drives targeted results and capability growth, stemming from his successful work at Schneider Electric.

Jon Masland,

Independent Consultant focusing on Customer Experience,

has a 30-year career in CX measurement and consulting. He was a co-founder of Symmetrics, a CX firm that was acquired and integrated into IpsosCX. Jon has also held leadership roles at LRW and Forrester, where for the last 7 years he provided CX consulting to Fortune 500 clients. 

Daniel Brousseau,

Advisory Director, McorpCX,

is a veteran CX strategist, with a rich background in consulting and leading CX initiatives at large firms like City National Bank and Forrester Research. He specializes in innovating customer strategies and driving business transformation.