Customer Experience 101: Building CX Capabilities to Drive Differentiation and Business Success

BBC 2017: A Building Business Capabilities presentation to the International Institute of Business Analysts in Orlando, Florida.

Customer Experience (CX) is now one of the most recognized competitive differentiators - and with good reason. 

Among other benefits, CX leaders enjoy greater top- and bottom line revenue, radically faster growth, retention and satisfaction and lower costs-to-serve. Why? Because those firms that "get it" know the secrets to CX success. 

In this session, you'll learn some of them too. From the 8 best-practice capabilities of CX leaders to ways customer journey mapping can drive - for example - this session will expose the secrets of CX leaders. 

Discussing how they organize and manage CX to enable sustainable, transformation growth as well as how strategy, design and customer understanding serve as the foundation for CX leadership, this session will share real-world case studies, drive greater insights into the potential of CX, and provide actionable insights attendees can begin to implement immediately.