Customer Experience Research

Customer Experience Research

To improve customer experience, one must first understand the customers’ current experience. This ‘outside-in’ perspective provides insights by asking and answering, “What does it feel like to do business with this company?”

As one of first firms (if not the first) to map and measure experiences at the touchpoint level across the customer journey, our focus has made us customer experience research experts—a field that in many ways we’ve helped to define since our founding in 2002.

Among other insights, McorpCX researches customer experiences to:

  • View the experience from the customers’ point of view across journeys, channels, and interactions, and to do so in ways that expose customers’ issues and create empathy
  • Define gaps between customer expectations and their actual experiences
  • Learn which aspects of the customer journey are most important to which customers, and why
  • See what changes to make—and in what order—to drive desired business results

Customer experience research requires a unique blend of creativity and science: Not only must we expose quantifiable desires and expectations, but the research process itself must be a positive experience for the individuals.

The result? A process that delivers defensible and actionable results, and gives voice to your customers’ hopes, needs, desires, and frustrations.