Strategies to Develop a Digital-First Workforce

Wharton Magazine

Unless you prioritize a digital mindset in your company—from leadership in the C-suite to the newest recruits—you risk business extinction. Luckily, there are 5 strategies to foster a thriving, digitally-minded, future-ready...

Customer Experience Strategy: ‘North-Star’ Vision Development Playbook

Setting the stage for customer experience leadership requires several foundational elements. A brand-aligned experience vision and a strategy to bring that vision to life are two of the most critical elements, in part because they help align your...

McorpCX a “Top 10” CX Firm Recognized by Banking CIO Outlook

Banking CIO Outlook

McorpCX is proud to be recognized as a 2019 Top 10 Customer Experience Solution Provider by Banking CIO Outlook. In the August 2019 CX special edition articleBanking: Customer Management Optimized,” McorpCX thought leaders...

Quick Start Playbook: CX Metrics Systems That Deliver ROI

Measurement is an essential part of CX success, and the insights in this playbook can help you get there faster.

Digital Customer Strategy and Experience Consulting Report

ALM Intelligence/Kennedy Research has named McorpCX a global leader in their Digital Customer Strategy & Experience Consulting report, positioning us as highest in “Depth of Consulting Capabilities” on The Kennedy Vanguard™, relative to the other...

Book: Smart Customers, Stupid Companies

By Michael Hinshaw and Bruce Kasanoff

Four disruptive forces are changing the concepts behind customer experience and radically disrupting business as we know it.

Brands that Excel in CX Don't Focus on Image

Loyalty 360

Customer Experience is widely viewed as the great differentiator among loyalty marketers. Those brands seeking to raise their public image might not drive the most value from CX.

How to Use Buyer Personas to Support Customer Journey Mapping


Buyer personas are a well-worn technique adopted by marketers to get under the skin of customers. But personas also have a crucial role to play in the increasingly important discipline of customer journey mapping.

Be Laser Focused on Customer Service


Loyalty360 interview with Michael Hinshaw. The ability to consistently deliver a great customer experience is something competitors can’t simply copy.

The False Tradeoff Between Customer Experience and Customer Privacy

Michael Hinshaw for Content Science Review

How would you answer if every company you dealt with asked you this question: “Which is more important to you? Customer experience or your privacy?”

Are You Running a Stupid Company?

Michael Hinshaw for CNBC

To survive in the face of smart, connected and digitally adept customers, established firms need to understand what’s happening, and reinvent themselves to stay alive.

Customer Experience Metrics Matter

Michael Hinshaw for BAI

In a world where bank customers are more likely to switch and to show less loyalty than ever, customer experience is a double-edged sword.

The Customer Experience (CX) and Survival in the 21st Century

MetaOps Magazine

MetaOps Magazine interviews Michael Hinshaw, CEO of McorpCX, about Customer Experience and meeting customer experience expectations.

7 Ways To Disrupt Your Industry

Michael Hinshaw & Bruce Kasanoff for Fast Company

Massive disruption is coming, and the only question is whether your firm is going to cause it or fall victim to it. Disruption is not easy—either to create or to confront. We have no illusions about...

The Experience Economy

Marketing Insights, the AMA

Providing great customer experiences at every digital touchpoint can be a real challenge for brands, especially while many still struggle to define where their customers are in the digital space.

Why Your Bank Is Competing with Amazon and Apple (and What to Do About It)

Michael Hinshaw for Western Banker

McorpCX has conducted customer experience research with thousands of banking customers for dozens of banks. And the experiences customers expect has changed dramatically in recent years. Why?

A Survey of Key Success Factors in Financial Services Marketing and Brand Management

Journal of Financial Services Marketing

What challenges and opportunities do financial services marketers face as they strive to improve marketing and brand performance, relevance, value and accountability within their organizations?

In Search of the Loyal Customer

Community Banker interviews Michael Hinshaw
What's the difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty? Everything. Michael Hinshaw talks to Community Banker editor Debra Cope.

Why Customer Satisfaction Simply Isn’t Enough

Michael Hinshaw for Broker Banker Magazine

If having “satisfied” customers was all it took to grow, mortgage bankers would be in heaven.

High Satisfaction Scores Spell Danger

Small Business Banking News

Banks of all sizes rely on Customer Satisfaction Surveys to better understand their relationships, with most finding a comfortably high percentage of satisfied customers. So why do fewer than thirty percent of the average...

Customer Touchpoint Management: Find Out Where Your Firm Stands

What could be more important than improving sales and your customer relationships?

Measuring Customer Loyalty As Well As Satisfaction

ABA Bank Marketing

By asking the right questions of your customers, Loyalty Mapping provides a clear picture of an organization's actual performance, and provides benchmark data against which to measure progress.

Customers 2015: Will You Be Ready?

Sales and Marketing Management

From instant ordering and social media to your competitors, control of customer relationships has shifted into the hands of anyone with a connection.

Controlling Touchpoints to Deliver a Better Customer Experience

American Executive

No matter what industry you’re in or what product or service you provide, your customers have become more savvy and demanding in the past five years.

Take Control of Your Customer Touchpoints

Quirks Marketing Research Review

The word is “touchpoint.” And if it isn’t important to you now, it probably will be: Virtually unused 10 years ago, the phrase has entered the customer experience lexicon in a big way.

Why High Satisfaction Scores May Spell “Danger” for Your Company

1to1 Media

A national telecommunications company recently tracked the buying habits of self-described satisfied business customers, to help better understand how they might transact in the future.

Why Customer Experience Matters Now More Than Ever

Curt Finch, Small Business Trends

In the last few years, we’ve seen that the ways customers interact with and think of companies — and the experiences they expect in return — is changing dramatically.

How Not to Treat Your Customers

Let’s face it, if you’re an unhappy customer, it’s a lot easier to take your business elsewhere these days. So one of your top priorities as a small business should be to make sure your customers don’t have a reason to shop around.