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Journey Maps - Better ROI, Insights, Management, Tips and Activation..

Published August 8, 2023

Customer Journey Maps are an essential tool for any customer-centric organization but all too often there's a great deal of excitement when they're created, and then they sit on the shelf as no one knows quite what to do with them...

So here are my top picks of tools and resources so you can turn your Journey Maps into action. Enjoy!

Customer Journey Mapping - 10 Tips for Beginners eBook

Our Customer Journey Mapping 10 Tips for Beginners eBook gives you some great, easy-to-consume advice to help you avoid common pitfalls, and boost success.  

Customer Journey Mapping Toolkit

To better understand and serve customers, you will need to start thinking with an outside-in approach. Our Customer Journey Mapping Toolkit includes proven tools, guides, and frameworks to help you better understand customer (and employee, and buyer, and...) journeys.

Customer Journey Mapping 3.0: Moving at the Speed of Customers

Hot off the Press! Journey Mapping 3.0, allows organizations to learn faster, pinpoint issues more precisely, and improve experiences more efficiently. Journey Mapping 3.0 harnesses technology and new methods to drive a deeper understanding of customers and quicker time to value. 

Webinar: The Journey Management and Orchestration Framework

In this on-demand webinar, our expert panel of CX practitioners guides you through the Journey Management and Orchestration Framework with a deep-dive on Journey Management, and ways to use technology to improve your mapping practice.

Webinar: AI/ML and Journey Optimization

In our last webinar (above 😉) we talked about the Journey Management and Orchestration Framework. In this webinar we share how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can help you analyze, optimize, and orchestrate your journeys.

If you'd like to dive deeper into how you can optimize your Journey Maps across your organization, we'd love to chat. Set up some time with us here.

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