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CX Monday Minute September - Customer Journey Definitions

This month's CX Monday Minute, Taylor Fitzpatrick talks about the definitions for Journey Mapping, Journey Management & Journey Orchestration.


VoC Quick-Take Sheet: Maximize Your VoC ROI

Maximize your VoC ROI with these 7 habits of CX leaders. Listening is a great first step, but a more robust VoC Program is needed to deliver positive...


On-Demand Webinar: 7 Habits of Maximizing ROI With a Successful VoC Program

Every organization that wants to better understand its customers has deployed some sort of customer listening system. From Microsoft Polls to...


10 Trends Shaping the Future of Customer Experience

Rapidly changing customer expectations are already raising the bar for companies everywhere – including yours. Anyone responsible for any aspect of...


On-Demand Webinar: CX and EX Trends Driving 2022 Planning

CX and EX Trends Driving 2022 Planning 2022 is fast approaching, and business leaders know that smooth, seamless customer journeys are key to success...


On-Demand Webinar: Boost Your CX ROI with CX Tech in 2020

If you want to learn how your organization can deliver predictable and measurable customer experience (CX) and return on investment (ROI) outcomes at...


On-Demand Webinar: Customer Experience Operating Model

Learn how your organization can move towards a more customer-centric, metrics enabled, continuously improving Customer Experience Operating Model...


On-Demand Webinar: CX Metrics Systems That Deliver ROI

A major obstacle in moving business executives to action on CX is the ability to demonstrate how CX investments deliver predictable business results,...


On-Demand Webinar: 7 Ways You Can Lead the Charge to Transform CX

Customer Experience (CX) is no longer a nice-to-have, but a competitive imperative. Customers are getting smarter by the millisecond, and the...


VoC and VoB, Meet VoA: How NextGen Voice-of-Analytics Tools are Transforming Customer Insights, and CX ROI Recorded Webinar

Despite the continually accelerating pace of digitally-led disruption, most “Voice-of-the-Customer” (VoC) programs still rely primarily on email...