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[On-Demand] Optimize Your Customer Journeys With AI and ML

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Watch the second webinar in the “Journey Management and Orchestration” mini-series.

McorpCX and inQuba  are excited to share how AI and ML can supercharge your multichannel journeys, going beyond traditional mapping activities to automate and optimize customer journeys. 

In this webinar you will: 

  • Understand the role of AI/ML in modern journey orchestration, and its impact on customer experiences.
  • See how to leverage journey analytics to measure, assess, and optimize multichannel customer experiences. 
  • Featuring a review of Journey Orchestration in action from inQuba one of the recognized global leaders
  • Learn how continuous improvement cycles can evolve customer journeys over time, using AI/ML driven analytics and insights. 
  • Join us in seeing journey analytics, optimization, and orchestration in action with a brief live demo. 
  • Learn change management techniques to help align people, processes, and tools, to embrace AI/ML transformation.

Kick start your AI/ML-driven multichannel journey orchestration strategy. Watch Now!

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