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Learn to “walk in your customers’ shoes” with our customer journey mapping eBook

Get the Customer Journey Mapping: 10 Tips for Beginners eBook to avoid common pitfalls, and boost success. Companies everywhere are embracing customer experience as the critical path forward in today’s competitive landscape. And customer journey maps are among the most popular and powerful tools to help you and your organization understand and improve customer experience. Journey maps are powerful tools to design differentiated customer experiences.

These engaging, visual artifacts are used to help you and others see where customers are happy, where they’re not, and understand why—so you can deliver the kinds of differentiated customer experiences that boost satisfaction and loyalty, and impact the bottom line.

But there’s more to mapping the customer journey than meets the eye. The most successful maps are those that help you—for example—resolve a clearly defined business problem; they’re based on customer insight-driven inputs and are used to create internal buy-in. And they aren’t static—customers and systems change over time.

It’s important to learn the tips that can make your journey mapping efforts a success—and avoid the common pitfalls which can waste time and resources. That’s why we wrote the Customer Journey Mapping: 10 Tips for Beginners eBook to jumpstart or enhance your journey mapping process, and boost your success.

10 Tips for Beginners eBook