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Experience Management Maturity

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The Experience Management Maturity Model

The Experience Management Maturity Model is a tool for a high-level customer experience capabilities audit. This will help you understand where you are today and how far and fast you want to go from there.

Organizations progress through five stages as they get better at putting the customer at the center of their business.


Stage 1: Interested.

You suspect customer experience maybe important but have no formal approach to make it happen.Your aspirational goal is to be experience-centric, but your capabilitiesare undeveloped.

Stage 2: Invested.

You know it’s important and have initiatedsome formalized programs like customer listening, but theyaren’t integrated or systematized, and they’re deployed in anirregular manner. You’ve begun to align on a strategy and plan,though your capabilities are ad hoc.

Stage 3: Committed.

You’ve begun to implement actionacross your organization in key areas, but they still aren’t systematicor scalable across the organization. You’re startingto do well at solving individual and some systemic customerproblems, are fixing old experiences, and designing new ones;your capabilities are repeatable.

Stage 4: Engaged.

Customer experience is a core part ofyour business strategy, and while practices are performed regularlyyou still don’t have continuous improvement systems.You’re creating some innovative experiences and are buildinga customer-centric culture; your capabilities are systematic.

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Stage 5: Embedded.

It’s ingrained in your business, and it’spart of your organizations DNA. You’ve put systems in placethat enable you to take the customer perspective into accountregularly and systematically and deliver great experiences everyday at every touchpoint. You can track value and financialresults (and do so regularly for you and your customers), andyour capabilities are optimized.

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To Learn More, read 'Experience Rules! The Experience Operating System (XOS) and 8 Keys to Enable It' by Diane Magers and Michael Hinshaw.

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