What Is Innovative Customer Experience?

A Month of Tweets You May Have Missed

What is innovative customer experience? Experiences that make every interaction totally natural, useful, easy and seamless. Experiences that are based on actually listening to customers, and meeting their unmet needs in ways they can’t (yet) conceive. That span across channels. Innovative CX embraces disruption rather than running from change. And always, it drives measurable differentiation, such as value and loyalty, for a start.

InnovativeCXSo that’s what this month’s tweets are all about. Driving (real) innovations in customer experience, and making those experiences seamless.

The minute the power of the conversation shifted from our hands, the businesses’ hands, into the hands of our audiences, the days of trying to shove our perceptions of our brands down the throats of your customers and erecting barriers for them to jump over became numbered.

1.) Designing a #VoC Program: Beyond Customer Listening to Customer Understanding http://bit.ly/1vBfFoC
 While most organizations understand the importance and value of customer feedback, many haven’t worked through how this customer data turns into customer understanding. (Tweet Score: 166)

2.) Omnichannel Beyond Retail - Great article by @micahsolomon http://onforb.es/1u9J5Hj
‘Omnichannel’ isn’t just jargon, and here’s a quick read that conveys the essence of what it is…and what it isn’t. “Omnichannel is a customer experience that feels natural to the customer, while at the same time seems revolutionary in how extremely it contrasts to the hassles of channel-related abuses suffered over the years by shoppers.” (Tweet Score: 151)

3.) Reading: "How to Get Your Employees to Speak Up" http://bit.ly/1susNfD
 The folks on the front lines are in touch with customers and each other in a way that’s critically valuable. So how do we get them to share their view of problems and possibilities up the chain? Some do’s and don’ts to convert clamming up to candor. (Tweet Score: 148)

4.) Make the Internet of Things More Human-Friendly http://bit.ly/1uaAZ0W
 We agree with this post’s premise that to really maximize the uses and usefulness of the Internet of Things (IoT), we need to learn how people really interact with things and why those things matter. This stuff may sound semi-futuristic, but it affects every one of us in CX. (Tweet Score: 116)

5.) Reading: "A New Era for Search: Zero Moment of Truth Now Defined by Shared Customer Experiences" http://bit.ly/1vECmrT
 Pull up a chair…this is fun, eye-opening stuff. “This is a discussion about behavior and the importance of discovery among an increasingly connected customer and the need to optimize and unite their journeys whether it’s on the traditional web, in social networks, or via mobile.” (Tweet Score: 111)

6.) Customer Experience Innovation? I do not think it means what you think it means. http://bit.ly/1uruEOX Innovation comes in many flavors and from many different places. But disruptive innovation will never be found by looking at your company through the inside-out lens of incremental process improvements. When it comes to disruptive innovation of the customer experience variety, the opportunities are only there for those who look through the eyes of their customers. (Tweet Score: 106)

7.) Whitepaper: Proving the ROI on CX http://bit.ly/1c26uVN
 Download this MCorp whitepaper to get the skinny on building an ROI case for measuring customer experience. With steps, techniques, lenses, and case studies. We’re not messing around here: your future revenue is affected—both positively and negatively—at every single touchpoint between your organization and your customers. (Tweet Score: 96)

8.) Consumers want be able to engage with companies as easily as they engage with family and friends... http://cmo.cm/1wDHE8D
 Can we all agree that friction-free engagements are the ultimate customer experience? Here's a tidy four-gear methodology that helps CMOs envision what they need to keep greased and working in unison to achieve their goal. (Tweet Score: 94)

9.) Slide Show: 8 Tips To Smooth The Road To Digital Transformation http://cmo.cm/1uurl9F
 Nine posts in one, and pretty much all of them are worth your while. Our favorite nugget? “Unfortunately, an Altimeter study from earlier this year shows that the catalysts for digital transformation have been technology-driven, not customer-driven. That means many businesses are embarking on a digital transformation only to find themselves not aligned with their digital customers’ expectations.” See how Dell, NYSE, HCSC and others are adapting. (Tweet Score: 93)

10.) Customers today just ain't what they used to be. http://bit.ly/1wDHhej
 The only constant of customer experience is change. That’s why none of us can afford to assess customer experience on an ad-hoc basis; it’s a discipline, and one that requires ongoing monitoring, care and feeding. Because what works today may not work tomorrow, or the day after. (Tweet Score: 90)

Thank you MCorp clients, for doing the work.

Something that was driven home to me this month (after several frustrating interactions with some large, prominent companies, and other supposedly savvy ones) is just how many are still blind to customer experience.

In one example, I waited on hold for 25 minutes and the rep for this supposedly exclusive “members only” service could do no more than suggest I look on their website for the info I needed. And the icing on the cake was the inane, useless “How did we do?” survey. (BTW – you sucked.)

As a consultant who works every day with smart, committed clients to improve customer experience with an outside-in view and rigorous self-examination, I realized (again) just how far the majority of the business world is still lagging behind.

So thank you clients, and others who are doing the hard work. Things may not change overnight, but you get it, you’re working on it, and my hat is off to you.

And if you’re thinking about doing the hard work for your org? Give me a shout. You’re *exactly* who I want to talk to…

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