Voice-of-the-Customer Program Design

Voice of the Customer Program Design

The first step towards improving customer experience is to listen. While most organizations understand the importance of customer feedback, and many even have multiple customer listening posts, without the right context, all the data in world won’t drive better customer understanding.

We find that frequently, the wrong data is being collected. Or the right data is being applied in the wrong place. To put your data to work for you, you must attach it to goals, align it with other relevant data, and view it across business silos.

This is where your Voice-of-the-Customer (VoC) program comes into play. It is a clearly defined plan for systematically gathering, interpreting, reacting to, and monitoring customer feedback, often leveraging listening tools already in place. It transforms random customer data into in-context information that can flow into and through your company in ways that inform decision-making and drive cross-functional stakeholder action.