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McorpCX a “Top 10” CX Firm Recognized by Banking CIO Outlook

Published October 24, 2019

Banking CIO Outlook

McorpCX is proud to be recognized as a 2019 Top 10 Customer Experience Solution Provider by Banking CIO Outlook. In the August 2019 CX special edition articleBanking: Customer Management Optimized,” McorpCX thought leaders Michael Hinshaw, President, and Graham Clark, Director of Digital Experience discuss critical CX methodologies, tools and frameworks winning financial institutions use to provide relevant solutions to digitally-enabled banking customers with high expectations.

Recognized as a customer experience pioneer since we were founded in 2002, we provide a proven approach to help financial institutions succeed and direct digital technology leaders on how to chart a successful road-map that systematically, predictably and consistently addresses the needs of their customers.

“In the era of smart customers, winning banks do so at the intersection of digital transformation, operational efficiency, and customer centricity.”

Historically, CIOs and IT leaders of financial institutions tend to focus on technology more than the core needs of the banking client. However, successful Customer Experience Management (CXM) needs a tech-agnostic approach that leverages data and technology to optimize the customer experience, while also including performance metrics to measure and enhance CX. The customer pleasing magic happens when designed around internal back office and customer-facing processes with existing systems in mind.

Simply put, banking customers will not wait around for you to solve their pain points, communicate with them, service them effortlessly and optimally in their digitally-enabled, multi-channel world. Technology is just one piece of the satisfaction solution puzzle.

For almost two decades, we’ve assessed and enhanced the CXM capabilities of over 50 banks and credit unions using our insights and best practices. Our banking clients have experienced considerable and measurable success as a direct result of their CXM implementation.

View the full article published in the August 07,2019 issue of Banking CIO Outlook

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