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Accelerating Customer Centricity through CX Training and Education

Published June 27, 2023

Consistent CX training and development across your organization can rapidly increase customer relations and retention. 

In this month’s 'Need to Know' we're focusing on the importance of CX Learning and Development in building a customer-focused orientation across your organization. You'll see we launched a new e-learning solution (CXMA) that can help speed and ease the CX education process. There are also two on-demand webinars, a blog, and some powerful tools and frameworks.

Here you go...

Customer Experience Master Academy - New CX eLearning Platform

McorpCX recently launched Customer Experience Masters Academy (CXMA) to equip employees at all levels with the knowledge and skills for experience-centric thinking and behaviors. CXMA offers a range of expert-led, practitioner-designed courses from self-paced eLearning to instructor-led and hybrid, cohort-based classes. Get 25% off CX101 eLearning course on https://cxma.mcorpcx.com/course/cx101 with coupon code 25OFFSUMMER.

CX Education Masterclass: Tools, Tips, and Tricks - On-Demand Webinar

Did you join us for 'Designing Your CX Education Program: A Tools, Tips, and Tricks Virtual Masterclass'? If not, you can catch the recording and download free seven tools and templates that can greatly assist you in your day-to-day CX role.

The Critical Role of CX Training for a Customer-Centric Culture: Blog

In a customer-centric organization, everyone has an “experience influencing” role. Customer centricity is a way of doing business that puts the customer and their needs at the center of decision-making. But how do you close the gap between customer expectations and how employees deliver…

Help Your People Become More Customer-Centric: On-Demand Webinar 

Are your teams stuck in silo-thinking or lack a shared understanding of how to attain customer-related goals? Consistently delivering great customer experiences requires everyone to ‘own the experience’. If you missed this webinar, you can watch it now and download the slides.

Expert Panel: Unlocking CX Success - How Education Drives Customer-Centric Ways of Thinking and Working

Listen in on our expert panel as they discuss the roles of customer experience training and education in driving customer-centricity. Watch it here

If you'd like to dive deeper into how you can drive customer-centric thinking across your organization, we'd love to chat. Set up some time with us here.

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