There’s a reason we discuss our competitive pricing and superior customer service on the same page. Because Touchpoint Mapping® is built around the knowledge that any outside-in customer experience management program—no matter how well it works—is only as good as the insights you get and the actions it helps you take. That’s why our dedicated client services team is part of the package, too.

Imagine: Customer experience management software that actually delivers an exceptional customer experience.



per month

Per month, billed annually


  • Up to five users
  • Client service manager
  • Quarterly online survey deployment
  • Customer experience focus
  • Single customer segment
  • Set-up and training (one-time fee) $4,500
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per month

Per month, billed annually

Includes all Business Plan features, plus:
  • Up to 10 users
  • Additional focus area (brand or customer loyalty)
  • Three customer segments
  • Set-up and training (one-time fee) $6,500
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per month


Includes all Professional Plan features, plus:
  • Unlimited users
  • Employee experience
  • Prospect experience
  • Multi-channel deployment
  • Customized training
  • And more
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Touchpoint Mapping can help you…

…Prove to your company exactly how your customers feel, and what to do to make them feel better

…Easily measure customer experience at the journey, channel, and touchpoint level

…See exactly which dials to turn to drive desired business results

…Reduce customer churn and boost new customer acquisition

…See what drives customer loyalty and brand engagement—and increase it

…And more. When it comes to a better customer experience, Touchpoint Mapping delivers


All plans include tracking customer experience at the touchpoint level. 

Since touchpoints drive the experience, tracking their performance is the best way to improve it. It also tracks top-line CX, because a single number is a quick way to gauge progress across your organization.

Support and features Segment data Standard reporting Standard dashboards
Personalized onboarding support Segment data by any point in time Omni-channel experience Omni-channel experience
Closed-loop customer feedback Segment data by line of business Customer journey and journey-stage performance Take action dashboard (such as boost retention or acquisition)
Multi- and cross-platform/device support Segment data by any location or region Organizational performance and alignment SWOT dashboard


Professional and Enterprise Plans can also include:

Our Professional and Enterprise Plans can scale to your organization's unique needs. We’re here to get you set up quickly!

Support and features Brand reporting Competitor dashboards Employee insights
Personalized onboarding support Brand performance (promise, attributes, etc.) Competitors’ customer experience Employee experience
Personalized data analysis and executive reporting (ongoing) Brand loyalty (NPS®, CSAT, Champions) and engagement Competitive positioning (awareness, wallet share, brand perception, etc.) Employee loyalty (NPS®, CSAT, Champions) and engagement

We will help you get the most out of Touchpoint Mapping

With McorpCX, you get a partner organization that’s deeply invested in your success. As importantly, we understand what companies like yours need to know to get the most out of Touchpoint Mapping, and to drive measurable results. Whether you just need help interpreting a report or an analytical eye to help you see around corners, uncover insights, and spot trends you’ll want to embrace or stop, we’ll be there with you.