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New Book Unveils the Operating System for Experience Management Success

Published April 2, 2024

Authors Michael Hinshaw and Diane Magers Announce the Publication of “Experience Rules! The Experience Operating System (XOS) and 8 Keys to Enable It”

SAN FRANCISCO, April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire-PR Web/ — In a world where customer and employee experiences can make or break a business, Experience Rules! The Experience Operating System (XOS) and 8 Keys to Enable It emerges as a game-changing guide for business leaders. Co-authored by industry pioneers Michael Hinshaw and Diane Magers, this book introduces the Experience Operating System (XOS™), a critical concept for brands looking to better leverage customer and employee experiences as a significant edge for business differentiation and growth.

Tabitha Dunn, global head of customer experience and sales technology for Hitachi and chair of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), praises the methodology, saying, “The XOS can help you get 'unstuck' no matter where you are in the maturity of your efforts.” This sentiment captures the essence of the book's value, offering actionable insights for organizations at any stage in their journey to become customer centric.

In Experience Rules!, Hinshaw and Magers draw from their extensive backgrounds as practitioners, executives, and consultants, illustrating the benefits of a well-executed experience strategy: sustainable growth, unwavering loyalty, and a resilient competitive advantage, as well as the consequences of failure. The book serves as a clear, practical guide that empowers leaders and executives to enact transformative changes and weave exceptional experiences into the fabric of their companies' everyday ways of thinking and working.

Don Peppers, author of Customer Experience: What, How and Why Now underscores the book’s practicality and immediate applicability, “Step-by-step instructions from Hinshaw and Magers, two of the most widely experienced CX professionals. Talk about reliable sources!”

With a blend of proven methodologies and tangible examples, the authors furnish leaders with essential tools and frameworks to consistently and systematically create unforgettable customer and employee experiences, and business results at scale.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the field of experience management, Experience Rules! is an indispensable guide for unlocking your organization's customer-centric potential and future-proofing your brand against ever-evolving customer expectations, market demands, and disruptive innovation.

Experience Rules! is available now for purchase online and at book retailers. See this link to purchase the book or download a free excerpt. 

About the Authors

Michael Hinshaw, founder and president of experience consultancy McorpCX, is a best-selling author on digital transformation and customer experience and is on over a dozen “Global CX Thought Leaders” lists. He's also a Teaching Fellow at UC Berkeley’s Lester Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at The Haas School of Business.

Diane Magers CCXP, founder and CEO of Experience Catalysts, is an McorpCX Advisory Director and former Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) CEO. She brings over twenty-five years of experience building and growing experience-led differentiation with brands like VMWare and State Farm.

XOS™ is a trademark of Michael Hinshaw and Diane Magers.

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For additional information, interviews, or speaking engagements, contact Lannette Ingels, McorpCX, +1.415.526.2655 Ext: 711, lingels@mcorp.cx

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