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VoC Quick-Take Sheet: Maximize Your VoC ROI

Maximize your VoC ROI with these 7 habits of CX leaders.

MCorpCX_Maximize your VoC ROI

Listening is a great first step, but a more robust VoC Program is needed to deliver positive results for customers and the businesses. While a more active VoC program is a bigger investment, the ROI is exponentially larger than a passive listening system that gathers data without follow-up action or internal reform.

Our newest paper highlights seven attributes key to getting the full value out of your VoC Program. These will help take you to the next level, regardless of where your VoC maturity is right now.

Look into your VoC ROI:

  • Where are you investing your VoC dollars, and what are you getting in return?
  • Does your analysis provide an accurate understanding of the stakeholder experience drivers?
  • Do you have champions across the organizations helping to affect change?
  • Are your efforts supported by those who develop the priorities and control the budgets?
  • Do you have what you need to prove the ROI of your VoC program?

 Download, read, and enjoy! And never hesitate to reach out with questions or comments.

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