On-Demand Webinar: Entering CX Wave 4, The Wave of More

Entering CX Wave 4 Title Image-1Modern Customer Experience (CX) is approaching its 20th birthday and going through its 4th major transformation. This is being referred to as CX Wave 4, or "The Wave of More." More ROI, more transformation, more speed, more personalization, more audiences, and more impact. In short, more of nearly everything. 

Fill out the form to the right to see what 4 leaders of the CX Wave 4 movement including Cisco, Sykes Digital, McorpCX, and Usermind, had to say in their discussion about the most important experience-driven trends you need to be paying attention to in 2021 and beyond. Among other topics, they'll be discussing: 

  • Why Wave 4
  • CX Wave 4 trends
  • How they will benefit you
  • The benefits of doing something - and the dangers of doing nothing
  • What best practice leaders are doing now (and you should do, too) 

You'll be hearing from: 

Final-Graham-pro-290x307-11.2020 Graham Clark - VP Market Development, McorpCX 

Michel cut B&W square Michel Feaster - Founder & CEO, Usermind 

michael gravel_bw Michael Gravel - Global Collaboration Lead, Cisco

steven gush Steve Gush - VP Global Digital Solutions, SYKES Digital