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On-Demand: Employee Experience and the (Digital) Future of Work



In this webinar, we explore employee experience and the future of work, and how future-focused organizations align brand and culture to better connect with, engage and serve their people.

The very nature of work has changed for most employees. Workforce attitudes and expectations have radically shifted across industries, making the ability to design and activate a reimagined employee experience a critical success factor for talent recruitment and retention. 

At the same time, the importance of digital transformation for employees and customers has never been clearer as employees expect (and increasingly demand) the same kinds of digital experiences at work as they get in their personal lives.

The result? Massive executive interest in workforce experience. That’s why we’d like you to download our on-demand webinar.

Some of the things you’ll learn include:
  •  Why employee experience design is a strategic priority for 9 out of 10 leaders
  •  Why the future of work is “hybrid,” and what that means to you
  •  The linkage between employee experience and “return to work” strategies
  •  How a better experience drives employee recruitment and retention
  •  What leaders are doing to better connect with, engage, and serve their people

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You'll hear from these leading training experts:

Michael Hinshaw,
President and Founder of McorpCX

Michael is a best-selling author on digital transformation and customer experience, and has on over a dozen “Global CX Thought Leaders” lists. He's also a Teaching Fellow at UC Berkeley’s Lester Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at The Haas School of Business.

Daniel Roundy,
Experience Design and Innovation Practice of McorpCX

Daniel is a customer experience focused entrepreneur. He has nearly two decades of experience helping organizations solve problems and improve performance by focusing on their customers. 

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