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CX Monday Minute September - Customer Journey Definitions

This month's CX Monday Minute, Taylor Fitzpatrick talks about the definitions for Journey Mapping, Journey Management & Journey Orchestration.


What is the definition of Journey Mapping?

The first is journey mapping; this is the process of documenting the story of an experience, creating a visual tool that explains what happens along the way to whom and how it happens. This is often rooted in the emotion of an experience for us to understand the positives, the negatives, and where we might be able to improve. That customer journey and their experience.

What is the definition of Journey Management?

The second definition is journey management, and this is integrating strategic business objectives into comprehensive journeys while measuring performance and optimizing action plans continuously. What that means is it's more integrated. You're looking at multiple journeys.

You're consolidating those insights, trying to find places where there's synergies and you can make the biggest business impact by making changes that are better for the collective and doing those things together and doing it often.

What is the definition of Journey Orchestration?

The definition is journey orchestration. This is curating, automating, and delivering personalized experiences at the individual level or in real-time through Omni channel systems. This means both digital and human connections, making those moments, those intercepts at key times for your customer kind of in every channel and having that 360 customer view, being able to drive customer behavior through those interactions.

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