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If you want to learn how your organization can deliver predictable and measurable customer experience (CX) and return on investment (ROI) outcomes at enterprise scale, then you'll want to access the presentation and view this on-demand webinar!

In it, Graham Clark, Director of Digital Experience and CX Technology at McorpCX, is joined by Michel Feaster – Founder of Usermind, Kevin O’Dell – Chief Technology Officer at Stratifyd, Inc., and Tim Lavin – President & CEO Zacoustic for a webinar where they discuss how long-term business success requires the intelligent application of CX technology, and the data and insights these technologies systematically deliver, to scale CX improvements at the speed of today’s business environment.

So, if you're interested in learning from three of today’s most exciting, leading-edge customer experience technology innovators - then this webinar is for you.

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Our Presenters

Michel Feaster,

Founder, Usermind

Usermind is a leader in the emergence of Journey Orchestration. Michel brings nearly 20 years of enterprise software experience with roles in sales, product, strategic marketing and general management.

Kevin O'Dell,

Chief Technology Officer, Stratifyd

Stratifyd is a leader in multichannel CX analytics driven by actioning and enabled by Machine Learning. Kevin co-authored the O’Reilly Publication “Architecting HBase Applications,” and brings extensive experience in architecting and driving impactful products.

Tim Lavin,

President & CEO, Zacoustic

Zacoustic helps combine employee and customer perspectives to deliver powerful business actioning and improvement. Tim is an experienced executive leader and entrepreneur with deep experience in domestic and international contact center operations and SaaS CX technologies.

Graham Clark,

Director of Digital Experience & CX Technology, McorpCX

Graham is a multichannel customer experience transformation revolutionary and leader focused on solutions that deliver measurable outcomes. Graham brings over 12 years in the CX field, 23 years in Digital Transformation and 35 years in technology driven business transformation.
“We see a change in direction at Microsoft. And McorpCX helped us with that – they set up the framework, they set the vision of how to do it, they co-created with us, they trained us. We are now able to operate with a much more outside-in, customer-obsessed approach than we could two years ago.”

- Microsoft - Chief Experience Architect, Customer and Partner Experience