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Customer Experience (CX) is no longer a nice-to-have, but a competitive imperative. Customers are getting smarter by the millisecond, and the companies that are innovating to meet their needs are transforming – and sometimes even creating new – industries.

CX isn’t rocket science. But it’s not a cakewalk either.

If CX were easy, everybody would be doing it. It takes discipline, changes in perspective and serious cultural shifts to put the customer in their rightful place at the center of your business. But for companies that have the will to make CX a priority, the steps to get there are accessible to all. 

In this engaging and expert-led on-demand webinar, you’ll see the evolution of CX through a big-picture lens, understand what it means for your business, and learn 7 of the ways that CX leaders are making it happen.

Watch on-demand and tap into the power of CX to radically advance your business:

  • Why leading companies are leaning in to CX as a driver of enterprise value
  • How CX is evolving from an ad-hoc, issue-driven approach to a discipline that's deeply integrated with, and driven by, company operating models
  • How leading brands are using CX to inform and improve their relationships with their smart, digitally enabled customers

Michael_HinshawMichael Hinshaw – best-selling author, Top 20 ranked global CX thought leader and founder of McorpCX – shares the secrets he’s used to help some of the world’s largest and most successful organizations transform their customer experiences, and ultimately their businesses.

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Lead the Charge to Transform Customer Experience
“We see a change in direction at Microsoft. And McorpCX helped us with that – they set up the framework, they set the vision of how to do it, they co-created with us, they trained us. We are now able to operate with a much more outside-in, customer-obsessed approach than we could two years ago.”

- Microsoft - Chief Experience Architect, Customer and Partner Experience