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CX Connect Coffee Chat: Navigating Challenges Through Customer Experience and Customer Experience as a Growth Catalyst 

In this coffee chat, Taylor Fitzpatrick welcomes Michael Hinshaw to chat about tackling challenges through customer experience for business growth. So join us while we explore the anticipated challenges for businesses in 2024, highlighting the significance of acquisition, sales, and retention. Michael emphasizes the need for personalization, relevance, and smooth multi-channel experiences in the changing business landscape. Taylor and Michael discuss the evolving perception of customer experience, acknowledging its critical role recognized by CEOs. Despite challenges in connecting customer experience to business value, they note a trend where successful CX leaders move into executive roles.

For those curious about 2024, the discussion sheds light on understanding customer experience management and the importance of linking operational metrics to customer behaviors and business metrics for industry evolution. So, grab your coffee and join in for a down-to-earth exploration of the evolving dynamics in 2024.