Customer Experience Strategy Recorded Webinar


This webinar on Customer Experience Strategy explains what makes an effective CX strategy, ways to define and validate it and how to socialize and drive consensus across your business.

A proven framework and steps to take, for ensuring you design and deliver experiences that meet—and exceed—your customers' ever increasing expectations.

If you’ve ever wondered why some companies succeed wildly—and others don’t—when it comes to delivering great customer experience, wonder no longer. The answer is as simple as it is complex: CX winners have clearly defined strategies, and an agreed on vision for getting there. Laggards don’t.

If yours is one of the many organizations expressing a desire to become more customer centric, then this webinar is for you. Because if your organization is interested in being a CX leader, you need a plan to get there.

Michael Hinshaw, McorpCX president and CX thought leader, shares best practices for setting and executing against CX strategies. This recorded webinar includes:

  • How to understand which customer experience strategies are best for you
  • Aligning brand and customer experience strategies to deliver on customer expectations
  • Three common CX strategies, and how category leaders use them to win
  • Where digital fits in your CX strategies, and how to enable it
  • How and why understanding customer wants, needs and goals are key to great CX
  • The link between CX strategy and market domination…and how you can take advantage of it
  • And more…

Enjoy this recorded webinar as we dive into what makes an effective CX strategy. Learn ways to define, validate and drive consensus across your business.