Mcorpcx-Whitepaper_Touchpoints-Pushing-Customers_bannerAre Your Touchpoints Pushing Customers Out the Door? 


Underperforming or missing touchpoints are the root of nearly all customer experience issues. This whitepaper shows you 7 ways to identify and fix touchpoint problems before your customers simply walk away.

Many companies stub their toe just getting started on improving their touchpoints. They don't know what journeys customers take, what the touchpoints are, or what customers think about them. At the other end of the spectrum are companies that have the data, but just need to get unstuck. This whitepaper covers both sides. You'll learn about:

  1. Identifying and taking an inventory of touchpoints
  2. How effectively they're moving customers through your customer relationship lifecycle
  3. Whether touchpoints are meeting customer needs
  4. The important role of emotional response to touchpoints
  5. Ideas for improving existing touchpoints
  6. How to remove touchpoints that aren't performing
  7. And tips for adding touchpoints that didn't exist before