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New research shows that organizational-wide CX education and upskilling is linked to greater customer centricity and CX maturity.

The link between the value of customer experience and business success has long been proven and understood. Customer experience (CX) was identified as a top strategic priority for driving growth by 87% of executives in 2020. 

Nonetheless, this study reveals a concerning trend: organizational commitment to CX training and education is not given its due importance, with its benefits often overlooked by those in leadership roles. The question arises: how do organizations that excel in CX maturity successfully foster a customer-centric culture?

Download our research to uncover:

  • Insights into the relationship between CX education and business success.
  • Strategies employed by organizations excelling in CX maturity.
  • Six actionable recommendations to cultivate a customer-centric culture and enhance CX maturity.

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Methodology: This co-sponsored research from CXPA and McorpCX surveyed ~500 global CX leaders to understand how their organizations perceive the linkage between CX education and business outcomes, how CX training is being applied, and the differences between organizations' CX maturity. CXPA and McorpCX also provide 6 recommendations to develop a culture of customer centricity and improve CX maturity. 

About CXPA and McorpCX: CXPA is a global non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the practice of customer experience management. McorpCX is a leading customer experience consulting firm, specializing in helping organizations drive customer-centric transformations.