Touchpoint Mapping

We invented and trademarked Touchpoint Mapping® in early 2003. Then, it wasn’t software—it was a methodology. Since then, we’ve perfected this approach to defining customer journeys, identifying touchpoints at each stage, and measuring the whole thing from the outside-in, customer perspective.

Today, it’s a cloud-based customer (and employee and prospect) research and analytics tool that revolves around your needs. It measures every stage of your customer journey and the touchpoints across it. And shows you precisely which dials to turn—and in what order—to drive business results.


Touchpoint Mapping is a cloud-based, enterprise-ready research platform that gathers and analyzes customer data and presents it in accessible, relevant dashboards designed for your business needs.
Actionable means you get relevant numbers: the ones that show at the journey, stage, and touchpoint level exactly what actions to take to drive your desired results.
Go ahead. Track usage and performance across your digital, call center, retail, and other channels however you’d like. You’ll see precisely how well each channel meets customer expectations. Or doesn’t.
McorpCX has levels of redundancy and scalability in place to ensure reliable, smooth performance for all users, regardless of scale.
Imagine: Customer experience management software that actually delivers an exceptional customer experience as part of the package