Safe Hands: Optimizing Value from Your VoC and Experience Management (XM) Technology Investments


Customer listening drives customer experience success.
Successful organizations recognize they must listen to their digital-first but not digital-only customers across all interaction channels, and act on what they hear to better serve those customers now and tomorrow. 

To do this systematically and at scale, businesses rely on technologywhether VoC (Voice-of-the-Customer) EFM (Enterprise Feedback Management) or XM (Experience Management) platforms. These technologies are key to successful customer listening. 

Successful XM Programs are critically dependent on skilled teams and capabilities. 
Skilled teams that provide expert design, implementation, and management of these systems is key to capturing the value and driving continuous improvementand these team members are in short supply. 

While platform providers offer increasing amounts of training, true skills acquisition requires hands-on mentoring and a deep understanding of how customer centricity gets embedded in a company's culture. 

That's where McorpCX comes in. 

Giving you confidence in your VoC and XM Investments. 
We have been building and managing systems like these for 15 years. From creating listening strategy and design to implementing, integrating and managing technology platforms and operations for VoC and XM programs, our team of highly-skilled, customer-centric experts is here to support your needs. 

Our XM technology partners include:


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McorpCX "Safe Hands" is our guarantee to you (and our model for value realization).  

Whether implementing a new VoC or XM system or assisting with systems you already have, we bring the experience, expertise, and playbooks to help you quickly boost the value from your system, while helping you become self-sufficient, as desired. 

With our flexible engagement model based upon your specific needs, we work as part of your platform implementation team optimizing your existing platform where the evolution is not happening quickly enough to capture ROI or you just cannot find the resources to support your vision. 

  • Ensuring the success of your VoC and XM platform investments, assuring your confidence and accelerating your time-to-value. 
  • Up-leveling your XM program and platform, for measurement and metrics to system efficacy and optimization. 
  • Educating and training your personnel for self-sufficiency, transitioning management responsibility to your team as required. 

Through Safe Hands, McorpCX can support: 

  • Day-to-day system management, including surveys, listening, analytics, and dashboards
  • Platform upgrades as new features and functions are launched
  • Ongoing integration with your enterprise architecture, as well as management of related data and analytics, and visualization and insights from that data
  • Action monitoring impact analysis and more, guided by your unique needs