Upcoming Presentation: Happy Agents Create Happy Customers: Ways to Drive Agent Engagement


CX Leaders understand that happy agents create happy customers. Therefore, they focus on listening, measuring, and designing agent experience that lays the foundation to drive a better customer experience. This webinar covers the top strategies that drive agent engagement and helps identify the right experience management (XM) tools to uncover insights that improve customer experience. 

Join McorpCX's Graham Clark for a webinar from Servion on October 29th at 10 am PT. 

Key takeaways: 

  • Strategies to listen and improve the agent experience 
  • Identifying the right XM tools to help agents provide better CX 
  • Leveraging the XM tools to identify the root causes of external customer-facing issues
  • Interpreting and making agent satisfaction data actionable 

We'll share best practices across industries, a real-world example of CX training in action and how it drove results, and some key actions that you and your learning and training groups can do to help boost customer-centricity across your organization.

Sign up and join these leading CX and training experts -  you'll be hearing from: 

Final-Graham-pro-290x307-11.2020Graham Clark, VP of CX & Digital Transformation, McorpCX



michael gravel_bw Michael Gravel, Global Collaboration Incubation Lead, Cisco