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Need to Know - Unlocking Value with Insights, the Case for Customer Listening

Published November 22, 2023

We all know that value in *almost* every enterprise flows from customers. And that value increases every time they buy more…or stay longer…or happily pay a higher price for a better experience.  

After all, 88% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services — the highest it’s ever been1. And nearly three-fourths expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations.  

So how do you unlock that customer value? You listen. You gather and analyze data. You turn that data into insights and share it across your organization to give customers what they want and need, when and where they want and need it.  

This ability to understand your customer—and drive value from that—all stems from listening to the Voice of the Customer (VoC). That’s why I’ve shared a few things on the topic I think you’ll find interesting. Enjoy!  

7 Habits of Maximizing ROI With a Successful VoC Program
Watch this webinar to learn more about the proven approach for boosting your customer listening system ROI. Watch Now

How Digital Experience Practitioners Increase ROI through Customer Insights
Validations from the field: “Smart Customers” are radically changing the game for the businesses that wish to serve them. Learn More.
CX Insights Drive Bank Growth
Learn how one journey from anecdotal data to data-driven decisions transformed this bank. Read How
6 Ways You Can Drive Proactive Customer Engagement
Proactive Customer Engagement makes it easy for customers to engage and how it improves experience in the process. Watch Now
Listening to Customers is Your Best Long-Term CX Strategy
Why using Customer insights to drive business decisions is the best way to meet your customers wants and needs. Watch Now


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